Monday, July 18, 2011

(Official Video) Jung So Min - SKII Event

Miss you Minmin!!!! Wish to see you soon!!!!

Video upload by: lovesomin

Jung So Min CeCi Magazine Scans!

I know I just posted this but its more clear copy than the first one! 
So I'm posting it again, so we can see it more clearly!

Again, thanks to mijoo-pearl!!
Hugs for you my friend!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the pictures are all great!
And as much as a hardcore shipper, I know MinMin will work 
with other actors as well
and I love the fact the she can be so versatile 
and have good on-screen chemistry with other actors
Can't wait for her new projects!

Don't worry my co-shippers, my shipper heart don't waver!
Its still beating strong as ever! ^_^

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi
Kim So Hyun BBS

Jung So Min CeCi Magazine Glimpse!

You all know that our lovely MinMin and her 3 other co-models of SK II are the cover of CeCi Magazine for the month of August. So now we do have the glimpse what's inside of the magazine!

Biggest thanks to mijoo-pearl for the great goodies!
Miss you friend!

Here's the few pages of the spread!

As you all know I'm such a hardcore shipper of my fave OTP, 
but I will be very honest that in the spread MinMin and Kim Soo Hyun  looks good together,
 I really hope that they can do a project in the field of acting as both of them are such good actors!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi
Daum, DC Inside