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Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo Translations #2!

I know everyone still can't get enough of some HyunMin love so now 
we have some translations once again!
Yay! Again this wonderful translations came from tlbpc of soompi!
And additional treat!!!! Below is also a video from the fan meeting! ^_^

Below are the translations!

From tlbpc!

I have translated the Tokyo PK FM - Talk & Live from two sources and combined them into one specially for those who don't read Chinese. Actually I am quite confuse about the 2 shows, so I may have put some parts from the afternoon show together with the night show.  Hope you guys don't mind after all we just want to know what they said mainly.

Source: and 日饭Blog
Translated by :大毛&由幽&Annie and 莹水
From: and Baidu HyunMin Bar

Afternoon show 

MC: PK has completed a year ago?
HJ : To be precise, it has been 1 year and a month (after looking at his watch somewhat sadly)
MC : That precise, Thank you.

MC: Just as long as KHJ open his mouth, need not care what’s said fans will be very happy.  How about JSM?
MM: Although I have attended the event once in Osaka but still feel very nervous.  I may make little mistakes, hope everyone will forgive me.
MC: Ms SM seem thinner than in PK now
MM : Could be that I’ve aged, the flesh on my cheeks are a little loosen.  I always eat in front of others,  same when I’m alone, so I’ve become how I am now. (SM isn’t old yet and the audience laughed)
MC: HJ how do you feel on knowing you will be acting in this TV drama?
HJ: Because before PK I’ve acted in BOF, so was feeling quite indecisive whether to act in another teen girl manga character but I heard that girls’ craze for these 2 manga is similar to guys' love for “Dragon Ball” or “Slam Dunk” so to be able to act in 2 teen girls manga favorites I feel very honoured.

MC: What is it like to act as the HaNi who would not stop at anything to reach her goal?
MM: When acting I was really converted by her brave and optimistic character.  Although the filming process is very hard but because of acting such a happy character, unknowingly I had also become very cheerful.
MC: When in university was Japanese and sports your forte?
MM: I learned Japanese after High School then from TV dramas and movies on my own, as for my forte it’s still early to say …

(Not sure when this comes in where MM said these)
MM: A lot of sleep, no make-up, that’s how complexion will be good
MM likes the colour blue

About which is the most memorable scene in PK
HJ: Most impressive scene is the kiss in the rain.  There wasn’t enough water and have to complete at one take.
HJ: Precisely so, no NG, thinking it will be a very beautiful and intense kissing scene.
MC: How about Ms SM?
MM: Also that kissing scene, I wasn’t feeling well that day, sometimes I’d cough and causes NG... feel very apologetic to everyone.  I was thinking if it can be completed early.  In Korea, when not feeling well we can use a needle to prick the finger to release blood, so I asked the sound-man to help me with it.

MC: When at Osaka HJ ever said that if girlfriend can’t cook will go out for food?
HJ (smiling sweetly): It’s the 21st century now, we can use various sort of services.  If there’s someone to accompany in life isn’t that better?  If want to cook for your boyfriend but after a year and feel troublesome, that’s when to make use of restaurants and live happily, isn’t it better?  If everyone feel the same way as me, please smile a while. (My note: in another translation, here its to raise their hands if the audience agree with what HJ said)

MC: SM like Seung Jo or Joon Gu? (A question from a fan)
MM: Ammm….Bong Seung Jo (Combination of BSJ and BJG? How witty)

MC: Is SM and Ha Ni alike? Will you like someone like BSJ although he is very handsome but with a very introvert character?
MM: From a certain degree she’s really a very brave girl, she's unafraid and just go ahead.  I don't think I can do so, I’m afraid of getting hurt, but if in my life when I found true love, it’s very important that I’d convey my feeling properly.

About episode 1 when SJ return the love letter to HN
MM: Everybody feel very sorry for me but SJ is also human and is also very pitiful.

About birthday
MM immediately said : Kelp soup
HJ : Cake
MC: Mum's kelp soup (Here need to fill in some details, the MC had a chat earlier with MM backstage, MM told her that she's eating the almonds her Mum plucked from last year daily, such that the MC can feel how close is she with her Mum and that's why she mentioned Mum's seaweed soup.)
Here HJ at this moment said without a thought : Because I'm living alone.

About Oh Ha Ni
MM: My earlier drama were with those of a wider age difference, very happy that this one was with those closer to my age.
MM wrote KHJ's name in Korean but the MC said it's wrong.
HJ kept asking anxiously : Oh Ha Ni? (he said it 3 times because he can't figure this one out)
MC: You have forgotten?
MM giving hints to HJ: Think simply.  It's simple! It's simple!
HJ shake his head and very quickly have the answer : I've written it
Both reveal their answer : BSJ (the audience clapped)
HJ: Thought much, I was thinking will SM write BSJ or a fool?
MM said it's simple that's to say it's BSJ.

About Baek Seung Jo
MM: Genius
HJ: IQ200
MC: Finally both answers are the same. Out of 6 questions 3 are the same.  Entirely different from the Osaka show.....but still have to go thru forfeit time.

To be continued ..... 

And here's the video!

Again, tlbpc a thousand thanks to you for working so hard in translating what happened 
to the Playful Kiss Tokyo Fan Meeting! Surely we owe you big time!
 Thanks, thanks a lot! 
Also to thanks to pluiekiss for sharing the video!
Really had a fun time watching Hyun Joong's reaction and 
how MinMin tries to let his hand dig deeper to the black box!
 Its so priceless! LOL!
Will hope for more from this happy fan meeting! ^_^

credits: tlbpc of soompi
pluiekiss of youtube

MinMin's Playful Kiss FM Japan Sponsor Pics!

We all saw how beautiful MinMin were in her ensembles in the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo!
And now we got some sponsor pics for the wonderful ensembles!

Below are the pics!

I really love MinMin's dresses and her fashion style and choices!
Her graceful air and poised personality shines through her!
This girl is really knows to dress well and I also do salute her stylist for helping her out!
Hope to see you more often MinMin!

credits: may of
mijoo-pearl of soompi

Jung So Min, A Possible Jang Geun Seok's Leading Lady?

I know everyone is so excited to the coming return of our dear princess MinMin
As I mentioned in my other post, I have read news and speculations about her possible return
Well, one of the guesses that MinMin would do for her comeback is the drama called 
Love Rides the Rain with Jang Geun Seok!

And also, I came across an article from one of my fave site, discussing about the said drama!

Below is the excepts!
Please note that I did omit the part that is not Jung So Min related

Koala Discusses Possible Leading Ladies to Join Jang Geun Seok in PD Yoon Seok Ho’s Drama

If anyone thought that I would not write about Jang Geun Seok returning to drama land, and in a Yoon Seok Ho drama no less, then you clearly don’t know the hold this boy has over me. It’s not that I find him cute, it’s that I find him cute, think he has a charming real life personality, and most importantly, he can act. He’s been coasting for awhile on rom-com dramas and movies which hardly challenge him, so a chance to do a moody drama playing two characters from two different eras is a good choice in my mind. It’s not pushing the envelope, but at least its a step in the right direction.
What’s actually more interesting to me is guessing which young actress will get cast opposite him. In the Seasons dramas, for whatever reason, sometimes the male characters shine while other times it’s the female characters that are more unforgettable. I thought Won Bin was the breakout in Autumn in my Heart, Bae Yong Joon became a legend after Winter Sonata, Son Ye Jin was simply luminous in Summer Scent, and Han Hyo Joo went from unknown to overnight sensation and It girl after Spring Waltz. So which lady will end up taking a Love Rides the Rain with Geun Seok?
Jung So Min – probability 20/100 – an ingenue who recalls shades of Yoon Eun 
Hye and Song Hye Kyo, she has proven her innate acting chops in Bad Guy andPlayful Kiss. If PD Yoon wants a relative (compared to the above two) unknown and rocket her into Hallyu superstardom, MinMin is the perfect choice. She hasn’t acted in almost a year, and has no current project lined up. Downside is that she doesn’t have the name recognition to match Seok’s, so it really depends on what Yoon PD wants.

All I know is that this role is going to have every available young actress chomping to get cast. Can’t wait to hear who the lucky lady turns out to be. Finger-crossed this drama turns out to be good. That’s actually the most important thing.

Well, I also did some spotting in other sites, and so glad that when the talk about this drama comes up the name of MinMin is always present in the possible list of leading ladies!
It warms my heart to know that many have appreciated MinMin's talents and wishing her well for her comeback!

As I commented in koala's article, now its all wait and see game
For me, I'm just keeping my fingers (even my toes!) crossed for MinMin!
I do hope she will bag this coveted role! 
Aja! Fighting MinMin!
Sarangheyo MinMin!


Jung So Min's Video Singing for PK Osaka FM!

Remember the Playful Kiss Osaka Fan Meeting last May?
When we are all waiting for videos and pictures?
Especially the part where MinMin sing a song for the PK fans?
Our being patient has paid off as we now have video MinMin singing!
Thanks to my dear sister Pearl and jungsomin Raffine!

Below is the video Minnies!

Aigoo!! MinMin is soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!
Her voice is so sweet! Such a lovely sight to see her explore more of her talents!
Its such an amazing feeling to know that 
MinMin can do everything as long she put her heart into it!
Will never get tired to say that I love this girl!

credits: lovesomin of youtube