Friday, March 18, 2011

So Min's Screencaps from Vogue Photoshoot!

We already posted the video of So Min's photoshoot for Vogue Girl but you all know as well that we can't get enough of her so now I do bring you the screencaps of that said photoshoot!


I hope I can get my hands on the April issue of Vogue Girl!
But my problem would be is where to buy this?
I'm miles away from Korea! :(

Anyways, she's so freaking lovely in this photoshoot!
She is really such a beautiful maiden!

Love this girl to pieces! ^_^

credits: yin Fan of hyunmin thread baidu
            opiod0101 of soompi
vogue girl


(Video) Jung So Min's Photo Shooting for Vogue Girl

Geez... I am so envious of this girl! She is so pretty! Young and beautiful!

According to Pearl, the admin of, Bloom Entertainment said that Minmin celebrated her birthday with her family and close friends...

Credit: lovesomin

MinMin's Random Pics Part 4!

We haven't heard anything from our dearest MinMin since before and after the supposed Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting.

She seem to keep relatively quiet even on her birthday.
But as the Minnies misses her alot so we do resort to looking up for more pictures of her.

Well, below are few of her pictures that some of it which I haven't posted yet 
or in much better quality.

Let's have a look Minnies!

From: Bread & Co.

From LovcatBijoux

From: O'live Travel

From: O'live Festival

From: A yoga/wellness center

The Minnies hope to see you the soonest MinMin!
Or any update is welcome as well! ^_^
We just really misses you!

credits: vanilla96, snowflakesj16, mijoo-pearl of soompi


Playful Kiss- Broadcast Postponement on Fuji TV

In light to what happened to Japan Fuji TV  have decided to postponed the
 broadcast of Playful Kiss.

Below is the Notice from Playful Kiss Staff Blog.

Long time no See!
Fuji TV would like to inform that Itazura Na Kiss's scheduled broadcast tomorrow will be postponed.
With regards to the new broadcast schedule, we will announce as soon as possible.

Tomorrow is approximately one week since the earthquake that struck Japanese archipelago.
Conditions change moment from moment, to which, I do not know what to write.
We are still experiencing aftershocks so it will be a while since the next update. 
Please take care earnestly.

Its sad that Playful Kiss broadcast is postponed but I think it's a better to postponed 
because as of the moment Japan is still in crisis and they are still healing 
from the calamity that they experience.

As I believe everything has its own time, 
I know Playful Kiss will surely have its time to shine. ^_^

credits: kathy's bench