Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Update Apr 19!

As we count the days as we wait to see in MinMin in the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting, 
she did update her Cyworld! This time its a picture of her with her bestfriend Su Bin!
 As mijoo-pearl of soompi said she had lunch with her!

Below is her update!

화요일은 공강이 세시간있는 이쁜날! 오늘같은 날이면 또 같은반된 빈이랑 같이 점심먹고 학교카페에 가서 바닐라라떼와 아메리카노를 홀짝이며 요로곤 한당^^히히

And these two are adorable as usual!
 It seems like they do have fun in their lunch together!
glad that MinMin do enjoy her lowkey days!
Hope to see these side of her more often!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi
jungsomin's cyworld


Playful Kiss Jeju BTS Screencaps!

As I have said a thousand times already, how i love the Jeju scenes, pictures
 and BTS of Playful Kiss so now as we got the video of Jeju BTS yesterday,
 it's now time for some screencaps!

Below are the screencaps PKissers!

Whew! That's alot of screencaps but I will never get tired of looking at these 
wonderful screencaps of our adorable Playful Kiss couple because 
these BTS were the reflection of how they worked together and 
we can clearly see that they did have a great working relationship and 
they do have fun while doing the scenes!

credits: main video uploaded and shared by dscs.uueasy.com

vid reupload and scaps by Icribibe of HyunMin baidu 

snowflakesj16 and vanilla96 of soompi