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Jung So Min's Performance Review

As the year has gonna end, many sites and K-drama enthusiasts will surely recap the year of K-dramas with its yearend reviews. One of these sites would be

I know for sure that most of us know Dramabeans and knows the resident blogger Javabeans. She already posted her review and surely more will follow. So, even I did promise to myself that I wont read any review of Playful Kiss anymore, I did break my own promise to myself and still read it. Crazy right? Ok I'm being a masochist!

So below is the excerpts of Javabeans review. Infairness to JB even though we dont see eye to eye when it comes to Playful Kiss, I do still respect her opinion and she sometimes points out a thing or two that made me appreciate and love Palyful Kiss more.

Excerpts from

"Playful Kiss had an awful first episode that undoubtedly kept some from tuning in for the rest. But in a way, I think there was a benefit to the slow start in that the rest of us who stuck around lowered our expectations accordingly, and therefore were able to glean the fun out of the drama. Or maybe that’s me grasping for a silver lining.

Jung So Min made Oh Hani her own
The drama had a number of flaws, but wasn’t without its charm. My favorite thing about it was undoubtedly Jung So-min, who played Ha-ni with a realistic, heartfelt touch that I’m not convinced that the character was written to have. More than any actress in recent memory, she captured the chaotic emotional contradictions of what it feels like to be young and in love (or in crush) — the giddiness of a brief mundane encounter, the teeny voice of reason that reminds you that the crush is better off abandoned, the devastation in knowing you’re nothing to him alternating with the undying hope that maybe, just maybe, he really was looking at you this time.

She embodied that complex well of emotions so wholly that I felt embarrassed for her when she faltered, proud when she stood up for herself, and, yes, exasperated when her feelings got the better of her and she went back to pining for Seung-jo. Every. Damn. Time. But it was an exasperation of the sort you feel for a good friend, or a sister, born of concern and affection. She was Ha-ni — all heart, not so much brain.

Seung-jo, on the other hand, hardly deserved her, which almost everybody realized eventually but Ha-ni herself. I’m not a fan of his type of character or the dynamics of this relationship — not one tiny bit — and routinely had to fight my aggravation at how he liked to mess with Ha-ni’s emotions for sport, or how Ha-ni was never able to escape his thrall. Once it was clear that he reciprocated, Playful Kiss got a lot more fun to watch, but I still wish there was more substance to this drama. Slice of life is fine and all, but there were stretches where these two hardly spoke, so we didn’t even have the benefit of cute bickering to tide us over.

Well, if this isn't cute, then I don't know what cute means (just saying, hehehe)
Ultimately this drama isn’t one to watch for anything other than brain candy, since plot is nonexistent — some stories don’t even conclude properly, they just fade out and we pick up some time later. It’s all about the two characters growing up alongside and gradually toward each other, so if you find either character lacking, chances are this isn’t the drama for you. On the other hand, you might enjoy it if you don’t mind low-key, low-drama cuteness." -Javabeans of

Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani, "the LID and the POT"
Well, there you have it, some of you may not like the review but the main reason that I wanted to post this to emphasize we still respect other's opinions but still keeping our pride and love for Playful Kiss. And, as I mentioned more reviews will come, so my advise is just buckle up coz' for sure we need to see it through  just for the love for Playful Kiss.

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