Monday, May 16, 2011

Jung So Min Practicing the Drums!

We all know that MinMin is such a very talented young lady! 
She's great in dancing, her acting chops are superb and now she also sings!
 But if you did saw MinMin's video dancing in Golden Bell when she was bit younger 
you would notice that she did play the drums as well!

So we got some of of her old pictures during her drum practice!

Below are the pics!

I really wish the video of MinMin singing would surface soon!
 I'm really just dying in curiosity!
But I do hope as well that we see more of MinMin's amazing talents real soon!

snowflakej16 of soompi


Jung So Min - Isn't She Lovely FanVid!

You guys know how I love to post fanvids of Jung So Min 
and anything Playful Kiss related, 
I usually post fanvids made by the other fans. 
But ever since I heard the version of Artie for the song
 Isn't she lovely in Glee i couldn't not stop my self from listening to it 
and everytime that I listen to this song, Jung So Min always pops to my mind!

So I decided to make my own fanvid of Jung So Min! 
My very first fanvid! Its kinda short video but I do hope you'll like it!

Below is the video!

Isn't she lovely? She really is! 
And I do hope that she remains lovely and simple!
Really love this girl to pieces like a younger sister! 
Can you be my dongsaeng MinMin?