Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jung So Min's New Endorsements Pics!

We love everything about Jung So Min!
And as I see it everything MinMin does is basically adorable and endearing.
And I think we are not the only one who shares that opinion!

As, MinMin continues to charm us, the more endorsements and ads are coming her way!
Below are the pics of her ads!

This is for Bread & Co.!

She really love those kind of hat!
So cute!

This is for Clinique!

Can I just say how achingly beautiful MinMin is in this pic!
Aigoo, how can you look so young and innocent while having a hint of sexiness!

I'm dying of envy here because this girl have it all!
I'll be greedy because I want MinMin to have more ads and endorsements in the near future!
So she will be always visible and therefore we can always see her!

credits: snowflakesj1 and vanilla96 of soompi
       bread & co.


So Min's other Pics O'live Travel!

As we wait for MinMin's new project lets reminisce her last TV project which was from O'live Travel.
She did enjoy her adventure in Japan and she's very fond of Japan!

Below are her other pics in Japan!

I hope in the near future Japan will be safe, happy and back on its feet.
Surely in the future MinMin would like to be back to Japan to spread some love!

credits: snowflakesj16 and vanilla96 of soompi
            o'live travel