Saturday, March 12, 2011

SimplySoMin Birthday Charity Event!

Even though dark clouds seem to cast upon our way today, but still there are always a reason to smile about.

Remember the post that we made regarding the plan for the SimplySoMin Birthday Charity Event, well the charity event did push thru today March 12 at the Alay pag-asa Foundation in Mandaluyong Philippines.

And I'm just so glad that the kids from Alay Pag-asa Foundation did enjoy the Birthday celebration for So Min that we prepared.

Below are the few pictures from the charity event!

Its really heartwarming to receive such a warm welcome!

Even the little Minnies are extending their little hands to help!

The Minnies in action!

The HyunMin cake made by the Minnies!

Yummy cupcakes!

Yummy cupcakes with HyunMin love!

Since they can't came, we have representatives! ^_^

This is the ever loved Jollibee!

The Birthday girl with her escort!

The kids from Alay Pag-asa Foundation!

They look so cute in So Min Shirts!

Eating time!

Its great to see kids helping other kids!

Enjoy kids!

The Kids having fun with Jollibee!

Giving out cupcakes and goodies to the kids!

These are the wonderful people behind this Birthday Charity event!
Im so proud of you guys!
You are all jjiang!
 Little shout outs!

To Ms Doris, Unnie Patsii, Ate Ces, Ate Brigitte, Aviva for the pledges!

To Kat, Charm, Ms D, Ate Lyd and her twin and niece, Doc Vinz, Hapeeh, Mela, Anj, Ate Maricar and Kristelle, Doc Cyn, Abbie, Ate Grace, and Bheng for all the pledges and efforts! I'm so proud of you guys!

Especially Bheng! You are the best girl! Can't really thank you enough for all your hardwork!

Thank you for helping us bring smiles to faces of those children.
I hope in this little way we are able to leave a happy memories to the kids!

This Birthday charity event would not be possible without the help of all of the Minnies, HyunMins and Hyunnies as well! You guys are wonderful!

I hope the in our little way, Jung So Min's birthday celebration have been a little more meaningful!

Advance Happy Birthday Jung So Min!
We, the Minnies loves you!

credit: ate lyd for the pictures

Jung So Min for O'live Event!

Before the final announcement of the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting cancellation,
 MinMin did attend an event for the O'live Travel TV.

As we all know O'live Travel was the one responsible for the Japan Adventure of MinMin, which she did enjoy and one that we loved to watch.

Below are the pics and here is the link to the article partaining to the O'live event.

The said article is again in Korean, so I hope someone with a good heart
will help us to translate the article.
Good to know that MinMin had a great working relationship with O'live Travel.

            vanilla96 of soompi


Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting Cancellation

As mentioned in my earlier post today is the announcement of the final decision regarding the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting.

As in light of the calamity that happened in Japan the Playful Kiss management have decided to cancel the said event.
Also, KeyEast, management of Kim Hyun Joong already release the statement as well.

Below is the notice from the Playful Kiss Japan.


It's a sad news for all the PKissers as this would be the second cancellation for a Playful Kiss Fan Meeting, but of course the most important thing right now is the safety of everyone.

We continue hope and pray that Japan would raise above this calamity as stronger people and country.

Be safe everyone and God Bless!


Playful Kiss Favorite Hug!

Today at Noon is the final announcement whether the Playful Kiss Japan fan Meeting
 would be pushing thru or not. As I said in my earlier post, 
whatever the decision for the outcome of the Fan Meeting, 
I hope its for the best of the PK cast, staff and its audience.

As we wait for the final announcement, I reminiscing all my favorite scenes of Playful Kiss
 and luckily as well that squishiee shared the screencaps 
and GIF of one of my favorite scene!

That favorite scene is the backhug from Episode 14!

I really hope that everything will turn out to be ok for the PK Japan Fan Meeting,
 whatever the outcome might  be for sure the PKissers will surely understands.

For now, just pray and be safe everyone! 

credits: squishiee of