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Playful Kiss BTS Part 5 Screencaps!

I know, I know, I've been a bad Minnie! My updates are kinda slow, 
Sorry my dear Minnies, yours truly is still kinda adjusting to time difference
 and surroundings. ^_^

So to make up for my slow updates below are the screencaps of the 
BTS Part 5 of Playful Kiss!

Whew!!! That's a lot of screencaps!!
But its Playful Kiss and HyunMin so I don't mind at all!
And I'm still asking for more BTS videos and pics!

credits: ss501 of soompi


Playful Kiss Airs in Singapore

Wow! Now its Singapore's turn to have some Playful Kiss love!
I'm dying of envy here!!!
I hope they air Playful Kiss here now!

Below is the news I got from Kathy's Bench!

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Repost with full credit
Hyun Joong’s latest drama Playful kiss is going to be aired in Singapore starting from 16th April,
every Saturday at 10:30pm on Channel 825.
playful-kiss.png (629×244)
And whats more? starhub is going to give away 5 playful kiss tumblers as well as 15 folders if you answered the question asked correctly!
If you are a real fan of playful kiss and kim hyun joong, i dont think you will get the anwser wrong !
So check out the starhub website here for more details of the contest!
However, I think this contest is only available to fans in Singapore.
So, PKissers in Singapore its now time to show your love to Kim Hyun Joong, 
Jung So Min and Playful Kiss!
Its time to spread some Playful Kiss Love!^_^
kathy's bench

HyunMin Fanfic: The Business of Love, Chapter 2

As promised Hyunmin fans... here's Chapter 2 of the fanfic made by DTS123.

(haven't read Chapter 1? just click here )

Enjoy reading!!

Characters: Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min
Author: DTS 123


“Dad, what do you mean he wants to marry me?” asked So Min completely confused. 

            “Well, to tell you honestly I was also shocked when he told me about marrying you.  I was so shocked I didn’t get a chance to ask him why.  In fact he met with me for only a few minutes.  His Vice President, Mr. Han Chang Ryul, and I were left to discuss the details of their proposal,” her father explained.

            “But Dad, how can I marry a complete stranger?” So Min asked in disbelief.

            “Listen, So Min, you don’t have to do this. I will not let you ruin your life to save our business.  I will never let that happen,” her father assured her.

            “Dad, I don’t’ know what to say…. but I guess thank you,” said So Min still trying to digest what just happened.

            “This has been a long day.  Go home and rest.  Tell your mother I will be home before midnight and not to wait up for me.”

            “I will, Dad,” said So Min.


            Half an hour later So Min made it home.  The whole time her mind was occupied with the mysterious Kim Hyun Joong.  Who is he anyway to make such a demand?  Asking her to marry him?  Is he insane?  What was he thinking?  She finally decided enough for today.  She needs to ignore him for now and rest.  She parked her car in the garage, went inside the house, and looked for her mother. 

            So Min found her mother in the living room watching TV. 

            “Good evening, Mom.” So Min greeted her mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

            “Hello Sweetheart.  How was your day?” So Min’s mother asked.

            “Good Mom.  Busy but good,” she lied.

            “By the way, I stopped by at Dad’s office on my way home.  He said he’ll be late so don’t wait up for him.”

            “I know, your Dad has been working way too hard lately.  Is everything okay in the office?” her mother asked.

            “Mom, do you mind if I head to my room now?  I have a headache and I’d like to rest now.”

            “Of course not, Sweetheart.  Go to bed and I’ll talk to you in the morning.”


            So Min was glad her day has been very busy so far.  It is registration time again at the dance studio so she and Seung Ah have been running around all day.  This helped take her mind off Kim Hyun Joong.

            While talking to one of her staff, So Min’s cell phone rang.  She politely excused herself and absent mindedly picked up the phone.

            “Hello,” said the gentleman on the other line.  “Is this Jung So Min?”

            “Yes, this is she.  Can I help you?” thinking this was another call inquiring about the registration.

            “Yes, this is Kim Hyun Joong.  I assume you already had a talk with your father.” 

            After hearing his name, So Min froze and didn’t know how to respond.   “How did you get my number?” was all she could muster to say.  She felt stupid after asking the question.

            “I have my sources, So Min.  Anyway, I’m at the Millennium Hilton meeting a client.  The meeting will be over soon.  I’ve booked a table for us at Seasons for dinner at 7:00.  I’ll send my driver to pick you up at 6:30 from the dance studio.”

            So Min couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  This guy made dinner plans for them without asking her first!  So Min wanted to protest but before she could say anything she was rudely interrupted.

            “I take no for an answer, and by the way I hope you like French food.” And just like that he was off the phone.


This is getting good...
Stay tuned for chapter 3!!

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