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HyuMin FanFic: The Business Of Love!

We feature all kind of fan made which were intended for So Min and HyunMin here in our blog, like Fan-arts, GIF's, MV's and now we do have FanFic!
The author of this FanFic is one of our regular chatter here, DTS123!
Hope you like it HyunMins!

Below is the FanFic'S Introductions and Chapter 1!

The Business of Love
by: DTS 123

The Business of Love - main story image


Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min


This story features Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong.
The writer of this story DTS123 is a very good friend of mine, whose like me is a HyunMin shipper.
We love this PK couple so much that DTS123 decided to make a fanfic for them.
We do hope that you enjoy them. ^_^


This is a story of two people who marry for convenience.
Will the business arrangement will turn into a love arrangement?
We will find out soon enough...
Chapter 1 : The Business Proposal
The Business Proposal - chapter image
“Tap, tap, tap,”you could hear So Min’s right shoe hitting the marble floor in a rhythm, a habit of hers then she feels nervous or anxious. 
“What’s taking so long?  Where are the elevators when you need them?” she said with such impatience.  She pressed the up button a few more times when Elevator No. 2 opened up.  “Finally!” she said.
            Inside the elevator she pressed number 15.  “I wonder why Dad needs to see me right away?” she asked herself.  Her father had called her on the phone as she was finishing her last class for the day.  She had to ask her assistant Yoon Seung Ah to close the dance studio for her as she needed to leave early.

            As she entered her Dad’s office, her father’s assistant, Mrs. Song Ok Sook greeted her politely. Mrs. Song has been working for her Dad for as long as she can remember.  “Your father is inside waiting for you, Dear” said Mrs. Song with her usual cheerful nature.
            So Min thanked Mrs. Song and knocked on her father’s office. “Come in So Min,” she heard her father’s voice from the other room. 
            “Hello Dad.  How are you?” So Min greeted her father and gave him a big hug.  She looked around and saw papers were scattered all over her father’s office.  Her father looked exhausted.  “Dad, how many times did I tell you to take it easy?  Have you been getting enough sleep lately?” she asked seriously concern for her father.
            “Sit down, So Min,” her father said and led her to the sofa across his desk.  “This is very important and I would like you to listen carefully,” her father continued.
“Dad, is everything okay?  You are making me nervous.”
“So Min, I didn’t tell you this but our company has been struggling to stay afloat for the last couple of years.  You know most of our business comes from the United States.  With the United States in recession, we lost more than half of our clients.  And this year has been the toughest one.” 
“Does Mom know?” So Min asked.
“No.  She knows that it has been tough lately but I didn’t tell her how bad it is,” her father replied.  “You know I don’t want to unnecessarily worry your mother.”
            So Min couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She had no idea!  Her father didn’t give any indication that they have it this bad.
            “Dad, I’m so sorry.  I had no clue.” So Min said. 
            “No need to apologize, So Min,” her father replied. 
            “But Dad, I should have been helping you running the business.”
            “So Min, it’s not your fault.  Your mother and I never stopped you in pursuing your passion.  We knew from day one dancing will be your profession and you’ve been very successful in your own right.  Your mother and I are very proud of you!”
            So Min couldn’t hold back her tears.  Although her parents belong to affluent families, they continue to work hard.  Her father was able to make her grandfather’s investment firm even more successful through blood and sweat.  It breaks her heart to see her father like this.
“Dad, is there anything I can do?” So Min asked while wiping her tears away.
“Actually there is,” her father replied.  “Last week I met with Mr. Kim Hyun Joong, President of Kim Investment Bank.   He said he is willing to help finance our company and the terms are quite generous. “
“That’s good then, Dad!” So Min replied with excitement.
“But there’s a catch, So Min,” her father said in a sad tone.
“What is it, Dad?” So Min asked.
“As part of the deal, he wants to marry you.”



  1. Soo exciting! pls continue!! wanna find out wat happens next !!!

  2. Me too! Oh come on, wanna know soon ^^

  3. Congrats Ms D..... Great storyline .. Part 4 soon please.. I enjoy this lots!.. DEABAK!!

  4. Wow! This is so intriguing, more please. There are also very interesting and realistic fanfics in Chinese.

    Just want to add that this year's Baeksang awards, JSM isn't nominated in the Best new comer awards or the Netizen awards while even "Dream High" rookies were nominated and also Lee Si Young who acted Haera is in for another drama. KHJ is nominated for the Netizen best actor award - actually this netizen thing is the popularity award. I feel bad that JSM is not even recognized for her effort as the lead actress in PK to Baeksang organizers. So sad, so many nominees and I can't find JSM in it.

  5. Why it happen...i think minmin have many talent and very good role as hani...they must enter her in nomination..dont sad minmin for me u are best actress...many your fans in overseas...we will always support u... minmin...fighting!!!

  6. to Anonymous 6:27
    can you share the link to minjoong fanfics in Chinese.. would love to read those..
    i really like minjoong fanfics hehe..

  7. I can't wait for this story to continue....daebak!

  8. to Anonymous 9:48PM, you can find them in this baidu minjoong thread

    It's one link that leads to another especially this fanfic - it's so realistic and possible -

  9. MinJoong/HyunMin forever and ever !!
    Best couple in the entire universe !!
    Perfect and loveliest couple on planet earth !!

  10. Anonymous of 1:59Pm,

    Yes! I am pretty sure that HJ is very fond of SM. They did alot of first-time things. Surely whichever actress/model/singer he get to work with in future will already be second time and the impression isn't that deep. All those skinship he had with SM in photos are evidences - the BEST is the blanket photo. Should really consider using that on the Minjoong Soompi thread page 1 like a banner.
    One look at that we are convinced and confident that we are not making up things. HJ do really like and care about SM.
    As for now, as many Taiwanese fans mentioned it's best to keep it low key till no one is aware till they the day they get married.