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MinMin's Cyworld Status 03Mar!

As we updated us with lots of her adorable pictures, 
now she did change her Cyworld status.

From TINGLED/FLUSTERED with matching beating pink heart, 
her status is now JOY with what I see as a cherry or an apple! 
(Can't really classify it correctly! LOLIf you Minnies do have
 a definite answer of what the icon is, please let us know)

This is the Cyworld of MinMin!

Her status now is JOY!
Glad to know she's in joyful mood!

Thanks MinMin for your updates!
Your Minnies are sure glad that we can still get to know you and your moods
 thru your Cyworld even we don't get to see you as of the moment!

screencaps: jeankaycee
credit: jungsomin's cyworld


MinMin's Sponsor Shoes!

Well, as we saw these past months MinMin seems to be a budding fashionista 
on her own right.
She got this knick for dressing up appropriately for every occasion. 
Wearing clothes and shoes that compliments her frame and beautiful face.

And speaking of shoes, below are pictures of MinMin wearing 
something from he sponsor!

And MinMin does love to wear hats!
Can't wait to see MinMin in March 13!
I bet she will be as fashionable as ever!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi


So Min's Vogue Interview!

So Min did an interview with Vogue Magazine last December, but during that 
time we don't have yet the complete translation for the interview.

Fortunately, So Min have such hardworking Minnies, tlbpc of soompi
did translate her Vogue Interview.
The Vouge Korean interview was titled "I'm So Complicated", but tlbpc did 
some changes in title of the interview for this translation.

Below is the translated interview.

Clear Lotus Pond in the Garden
During photo-taking, the look that JSM gave most often was the “I don’t understand myself too” look.  With no double eyelids large eyes, as she closes it and open them again one could have been deceived (if you believe her).  But actually is she really so?

Have not taken photographs for actress with no double eyelids for a long time.
I have inner double eyelids although it’s not too obvious.

Hope that in the future it will be good if you wouldn’t have the intention to go for plastic surgery.
Don’t worry, I never have the slightest intention before but since debut then for the first time I found that there are so many people with double eyelids, even artistes all have double eyelids too.  I really didn’t know that my face is seen so special.

What do you think of your face?
If still an ordinary person, there would be a serious inferiority complex but as an actor, I think it’s not so bad.
(I think it’s just the opposite)
Doesn’t everyone think that with a pretty face like a doll is just perfect?  As for actors, plain faces are still there.  I think my face is able to digest different roles.

Seeing your appearance on TV, have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
After test screening, I was just concern of how I acted, so I didn’t watch closely (at my face) because I don’t want to hear that my nose is higher, wrinkles are gone instead of acting appraisals.

The TV drama has ended, shouldn’t have anymore troubles right?
No, lots of troubling thoughts.  My recent trouble is before selecting my next project, how should I expand my scope, like learning something or travel.

Heard that this week’s schedule was completed in a hurry, how are the coming days going to be?
First of all, I want to rest and sleep till enough then I‘d go visit my grandparents in Busan.  I had told them that I’d go once the TV drama has completed.  I still haven’t plan where to go yet at Busan, may visit relatives, eat home-cooked food by Grandpa, looking at the sea etc.That soul-stirring feeling that cannot be experienced even before the camera.

On confirming to act in the Bad Guy Hong Mo Nae role, may be a good thing but since it was quite a heavy role, so was the pressure very heavy?
I really don’t know many things then, on the contrary there was no pressure at all.  Isn’t it said that the ignorant is bolder? (Laugh)  Except I don’t want to affect the seniors and do my part well will do.

Up till now, are there any regrettable scenes in any of the projects?
It was regrettable for every scene.  There wasn’t any that I’m not regretful of; it will be so even in the future.  I feel that if actors have no regrets in any of their scenes will not have space for improvement.  Even if I have thoughts like “better than the previous time”, “there are improvement in this area”, but never have I ever been lenient with myself with thoughts like “I think I did well”.  Besides, acting is an art that one can never perfect it in one’s life time.

Even being harsh to yourself but you’d be very happy when praises from others were heard?
Of course it’s good, who wouldn’t like to be praised?  But whether opinions are good or bad it’s subjective.  I have heard opinions about me but I don’t think it’s necessary to rely on them.

Listening to your answers feels like you are a perfectionist.
Should be, I’m the sort that whatever that is passed to me to do I’d digest it and do my best to deal with it then I’d feel that it is fun.  I’m very strict with myself so the pressure is also great.
(In times like this how do you de-stress?)
If there is pressure, how it comes about, that will be how I’d throw it off.  Basically I don’t go out, I’d stay home to resolve it by having a good sleep, read, and listen to music, nothing special.  I just do the daily things and unknowingly I’d get better.

What is your least forte as Jung So Min the perfectionist?
I have absolutely no talent in drawing.  I have learnt hard on it before but just can’t seem to be able to draw, like you have to be gifted for it.  I have great desire to be able to sing but there is no improvement.  If there is an opportunity I must try doing a musical.
(After all you can dance, just as long as you can sing well that will be perfect.)
The dances that I’m learning is very different from what I learnt before, so I need to practice hard but for singing, it’s really a problem, I’m quite troubled.

When you’re tired who do you confide that feeling with?
Mainly with my friends.  From middle school to university I’d have one or two close friends.  For performing problems I’d confide with my drama school mates, for more personal things I’d confide with old friends and also talk a lot with my mother.  My mother is a big influence to my present character and lifestyle because she is one that has more rationality than sensitivity.  She can give me sober and clear judgments.  When starting to learn drama, the idea of not using my name Kim Yun Ji instead with Jung So Min is also the result of much discussion with my mother.
(Although there are such similar names but your own name is nice.)
To begin as an actor so I thought to use a new name.  It’s also because I have the idea of separating Kim Yun Ji’s life and the actor’s life.  The name is derived from three Chinese words which put together to form “Garden’s clear lotus pond” or meaning ~ the clear lotus pond in the garden.  (tlbpc’s note:  Sounds quite poetic isn’t it?)

What were your main troubling thoughts when you were very young?
Troubling thoughts of the future.  Mostly it  was “What do I do for a living?”, “What do I really want to do?” I’d think about these.

You started dancing at 8 yrs old and switched to acting when you are in university?  Heard that you dance well and won many awards?
I started ballet dancing when I was very young and stopped for a period of time, later in high school I began to dance again after switching to Korean cultural dance.  To help with my dancing expressions I went to drama school.  On the first day lecture I had this “from now onwards in my life, compare to dancing, acting will be more interesting” such a thought. My parents objected very vehemently, reason was because after I qualified in my dancing I secretly went to participate in the performing arts examination hiding it all from my father. 
Actually he also doesn’t like me dancing, it’s because I insisted and stubbornly want to dance.  In between due to their objections, I stopped for a period of time; they wanted me to do something else and said that I just do as I pleased.  Still I secretly went for my drama classes; earn my own pocket money to pay the fees.  Especially later when I told my father that to wait till I had passed all my school subjects then I’d go and learn drama, he was quite upset.  Because his daughter has all along been obedient has done such things that angers him so.
(Any improvement to the situation by being successful as no.1 in the results?)
Yes, the scholarship is a big help. (Laugh) And it is also up till now then he accepts that his daughter is studying drama, but even this happened not long ago.

Giving up dancing which you’ve learned for such a long time, don’t you feel that it’s a pity?
From the arts point of view, I don’t see the difference between acting and dancing. When performing, dancing will come into it and helps too.  Actually in “Bad Guy” there were dancing scenes too.  (tlbpc’s note: In another interview she mentioned that she wanted to give up studying.  We thought that she’s giving up her drama studies but from this interview we get to know that what she gave up was studying dances.)

(This decision is not final isn’t it?  When one ages one can start dancing again after having done with acting.) 
It’s like this even now, I’d feel bad sometime when I watch stage performances because I understand the pains of dancers, don’t know why my heart gets heated for a while and thought of standing on the dance stage again.   Overcoming dance practice difficulties and to pour it all out for a moment in performance, only this can be done on the stage.  Whereas if there are mistakes in acting, after NG, it can be done all over again but on stage, once the moment is gone it can’t be repeated.  I really enjoy that thrilling feeling on stage. 

What books do you mainly like to read and which genre of music do you listen to?
I have been a fan of Bernard Werber and Paulo Coelho since very early.  Especially reading BW’s books, it’s very beneficial to actors.  It helps one to develop ability to imagine and be creative, at the same time there are excellent tips on psychological tactics.  It’s very interesting to read, felt that the book is like a movie.  I also often read Japanese novels and recently psychological books too.  In the recent shooting breaks I read one called “Psychology chocolates”.  Recently I have been listening to music by a duo “Sunshine State” from Canada especially that song “Drug Dealer”, it’s refreshing and light, a very loving song.
(Up to now, your answers have been very JSM style, is there any exception?)
Ah, I am also a long time fan of Mr. Big.  I like heavy metal rock music very much.  When they came to perform in Korea, I went to see them.  I also like to watch suspense movie very much.  It was the unusual twist in “Identity” that I start to like suspense movies.  Exciting and thrilling parts gives me great interest.  I enjoy watching “Taken” and “Panic Room”, although I didn’t know that acting can be this interesting.

What are you most afraid of recently?
To tell the truth, there is nothing I am afraid of recently.  When “Bad Guy” ended, my popularity has suddenly increased, at that time I was a little afraid, worried that as this go on my plan of an actor’s lifestyle would be shaken by others’ attention.  But when my second project ended, this worry immediately disappeared.  Because I have this ~ “No matter what project, just as long I have my convictions I will not be afraid of choices and challenges” kind of confidence in myself.

Are not singers also worried about their 2nd album after the success of their 1st album?  Sophomore Jinx isn’t it? (Note: Sophomore Jinx means debut work by newbie that win recognition but whether the following work will be a success or failure is yet to be seen)
That’s correct; I have breakaway from this feeling.  From supporting role advanced to lead actress is very difficult, due to an impulse I experienced being able to relinquish the long dark tunnel, it’s like this sort of feeling.  If there isn’t “Playful Kiss”, I’d still be inside the tunnel, being able to leave it was very exciting and thrilling.  The mood is like even if the road ahead is dangerous, it still will not stop my on-going steps.
(To easily have that kind of self-confidence is very difficult isn’t it?)
That’s why “Playful Kiss” to me is a very special and worthy of gratefulness piece of work.

When confirmed to act in “Playful Kiss” isn’t it like Cinderalla and lots of public opinions?
Because of that I was also quite dizzy over it, so I was not affected by those opinions.  Compared to facing those public opinions awkwardly, what I need to do immediately was too many.  Till now to me these interviews and reports, I still don’t feel any real sense. I am not sure those who follow closely, their awareness of me are at what level, I don’t even have the assurance.
(You will be certain after a walk on the red carpet at a major film festival isn’t it?)
Really?  After all these I still have no real sense of it now.

How was it acting with Kim Hyun Joong? He is not the type that can quickly become close with.
Actually, at the start it was very uncertain because I also have the character that’s quite shy with strangers. But meeting with this type of person we can communicate better instead. Gradually we are able to figure out the signals we give each other when acting or signals when revealing a little more of what’s in our hearts. When there was communication through these signals, it is really very wonderful. (Laugh) Because we are both able to sense each other during those moments and at the same time also very grateful for those moments. (tlbpcs note: Seems like they have a certain kind of special affinity, they can relate and communicate telepathically. Posted Image)

From the lead actress’ position, have you given “Playful Kiss” a low view?
My point of view of success and failure is different from the majority of the public.  Although using ratings, commercial revenue and such standard to judge, “Playful Kiss” is a failure but through learning from it, to me I’d say it’s a successful piece of work.  Similarly, if I didn’t gain or learn anything from it even if it’s successful in the eyes of the public, it becomes a failure to me.  “Playful Kiss” to my acting career is a very important and one that cannot be omitted piece of work.

What have you gained from “Playful Kiss”?
I get to act in the role that must be acted by one at my age; it’s a personal challenge and a very worthy role to act in.
(But thinking of the Jung So Min who acted as Hani, it’s very easy that Hani would surface, it’s not like you have to be a 9-tails-fox or a cold-blooded murderer type of character then is considered a change?)
That sort of challenge is rather extreme.  I’d definitely not appear as the Hani I acted in front of strangers, it’s very uneasy to me.  No matter how I act if it doesn’t let me feel fine before others, and appear before the audience with an uncertain side, that to me is a real issue.  Not as an actor but one that has removed Jung So Min away kind of work and how to do the best to perform naturally is the crux of the issue.  If there is no experience in this, as an actor it’s impossible to move into the next level.

Usually when actors perform, they either combine themselves and the role as one or separate, with these 2 types, you seem to be the former type?
Till now it’s like this, wait till I have more experience then I’d separate myself from the role, but now I am still unable to say the role I act and myself is completely different.
(Meaning you want to act in roles that you can understand?)
I think so, I don’t think there are people you can’t understand.  Although it’s people with different characters but from certain ways it’s still the same people.  There aren’t any special roles that I can’t act.  The more I have feelings for the role the more I’m unclear of the difference between myself and the role.

You have just mentioned of the difference between you and Hani, so what are the similarities?
I am the once I identify the person as one of us, I’d do my best to help type.  I would often think of what to do and while doing it I would be very happy. I am not used to expecting to get anything in return.
(This kind of character is a bit dangerous….)
To others it’s the losing out kind of life but I don’t expect anything in return, so it’s fine.

Is it the same way when meeting up with your boyfriend?
Not that way, for romance it is different isn’t it?  Till now I still have never had a long romance, and so far have not yet been able to say “I love you” that kind of phase experience before.  I considered ever had a boyfriend but we got along just as friends.  And in high school, compared to boyfriends, to me the problems are with professions.  I put all my life’s focus on it.
(With an actress’ appearance, even if you don’t bother, you would have gotten male students’ attention.)
Because in my school there are plenty of beautiful girls, for my type of standard, nobody would bother to even give a look.

Which criteria is a must when looking at men?  Height, fashion sense or hairstyle?
For height, as long as he is not shorter than me will do.  I like the person to be refreshing with no worries and hate the sort that beat around the bush.

Do you envy anyone recently?
Although I have never thought of “it will be good if there’s such a person”, but for a moment I’d have the “if I’m like someone’s certain quality would be great” kind of thinking.  Recently, I am a little envious of high school students.  In the 3rd year I had a lot of fun.
(Were there fun for 3rd year?  It should be very difficult isn’t it?)
It was then I had my first encounter with acting, being able to find something that gives me happiness is truly very happy, so life was very exciting and fun. Probably it is this feeling I had that seeing uniformed students passed by my side, I’d feel that way.
(They probably don’t think it is fun right?)
Of course, majority would feel that there’s no fun. (Laugh)

It should be a troubling time to select the next project now
No matter what the theme is, I just want to act in a project that at the first encounter would give me great delight.  Although no matter how you look at it as if it was on impulse but I think its call fate.  The two previous projects were accepted in this manner.  I would also listen to other’s opinions but I still depend on my feelings to make the final decision.
(Any roles that you would especially like to try?)
Recently, I watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” again.  I like Kate Winslet’s role and also Aoi Miyasaki's acting skill was very good in Japanese movie "Tada, kimi wo asihiteru".  Both roles are different but they are vivid and lyrical.

Getting to play such an attention grabbing lead role upon your debut, many have since referred you as a “Breakout Star”. To resolve this view seems to be your present task. I still don’t know whether am I considered a star or not and further I’m lacking in star appeal, I just want to be one that deserve to be given the title of an actor.  I don’t need flowery words because the actor’s road that I have taken is not just to gain audience’s love. 
(As an actor to receive love from audience is a happy thing.  No matter to whom, still it is a reason for living isn’t it?)
To me, audience’s love is important as daily source of energy, but that is not my life’s goal.  If that is so, my life’s happiness, sadness and emotions will all be dependent on my popularity, this will caused me to feel uneasy. Compared to being an unfortunate star I wish to become an actor with happiness. 

Well, there you have Minnies! I do hope you discover a thing or two 
about our dearest Minmin!

Hope for more interviews of her in the near future!

credits: tlbpc of soompi