Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Min's FanVid!

I think today is dedicated to anything fan related because I already posted fan-arts 
now its time for some fanvids! I really enjoy watching fanvids, 
I appreciate their hardwork and talent on making one!

The fanvid below was made by yayanutreeya of youtube!

Actully, I'm  happy nowadays because if you search videos about MinMin more and more videos of her especially fanvids are can be viewed.
 Even some of the videos made by fans from different parts of the world.
It only means that more and more are becoming a fan of this wonderful lady!
But the more Minnies the better, right? ^_^

credit: yayanutreeya of youtube

Another Batch of Clinique Screencaps!

So Min's Clinique Photoshoot are so lovely and as sweet as candy! 
And many screencaps of the video of the said photoshoot
 are sprouting like mushrooms!

Below are the other screencaps!

Added GIF from snowflakesj16

Well, Kim So Hyun is included in the Clinique Photoshoot but it seems like him
 and MinMin didn't do the photoshoot together.
If they did, its like a little reunion because they worked together 
in the short film "Worst Friends".
I suddenly wonder if they can work together in a drama or a certain project?
I think it would a curious thing to see!

credits: lcribibe of hyunmin thread in baidu
snowflakesj16 of soompi


HyunMin Fan-arts Part 2!

*Sigh... I'm having a not-so-good day due to internet connections problems!

Good thing the adorable and sweet Playful Kiss couple are there to help put a smile on my face! 
Because every time I see them I can't help but smile!

I think other fans felt the same way as I am!
And for them to show their love for the PK couple fan-arts are the usual result!

Below are the few fan-arts from the HyunMin couple!

These are wallpapers from lnprz!

GIF from squishiee!

The HyunMin is very lucky to have such a loyal and creative fans!
Hope for much Fan-arts in the future!

credits: lnprz of hyunnies pexers