Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jung So Min's Quick Response (QR) and Profile Pics!

Our dearest MinMin also have what they call Quick Response Code!

What is Quick Response Code? As per Wikipedia , although initially used for tracking
parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes are now used in a much broader context,
including both commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented
applications aimed at mobile phone users (known as mobile tagging).
For more QR info, here is the link!

Below are MinMin's QR!

Below are here profile pics!

Its good to know that we have other ways to have a sort of contact to MinMin!
But I'm not that techie savy yet so I'll need to really learn about it!
And MinMin is such a beauty in her profile pics!
I love it! ^_^

Credit: Bloom Entertainment
snowflakesj16 of soompi


Jung So Min MV -Bad Guy (So Min Dance Clip)

We all know that MinMin can really dance!
But its very rare for us, her fans to see it and because of that I tried to find
 even just a clip of MinMin dancing.
The only thing that I've seen is the MV below!

This MV features the scenes of MinMin from Bad Guy as well as the
 little scene where she did dance!

That dance clip is too short right?
Well, I do hope in the future MinMin can make a drama or even a movie
 that tackles about dancing so her top notch dancing skills can be used along 
with her great acting chops!
A Step-Up kind of movie would be nice, right Minnies?

credit: white_love_hani of hyunmin thread in baidu

MinMin's Random Pics Part 6!

I bet you guys still have a smile on your face as you watch the Part 3
 of the Making of Playful Kiss!
Well, just for a breather we have now again random pics from our lovely MinMin!

Some of them are old some are bit new ones!
But still its MinMin so I'll take it anytime!

Below are the pics Minnies!

For: NII

For: Vogue Girl

For:  PK Taiwan Promo Clip Teaser

For: Biker Starlet

I'm still fascinated that MinMin can rock any kind of look!
Aigoo, maybe this wonderful girl is like a chameleon!
She can easily adapt from one look to another!

credits: mijoo-pearl and snowflakesj16 of soompi
white_love_hani of hyunmin thread in baidu