Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Min's SK II CF GIF's!

We got the screencaps of her SK II CF so now we do have GIF's!
You guys know my obsessions with GIF's!
Thanks for our dear friend Squishiee for the GIF's!

Added bonus!  

Seeing the GIF's they are so cute!!! 
MinMin can really be adorable and sexy at the same time!

And for the bonus GIF, sorry can't help it! ^_^
Saw it at squishiee's tumblr and just couldn't help myself!
Just need to show some love to my ultimate OTP!

credits: squishiee of http://ppy0ng.tumblr.com

Jung So Min's Fancam and Pics for SK II Event!

We did have a great time having so many pictures of So Min from SK II Event 
and we still have few more and a short fancam added to it!

Below are the pics and the fancam!

Aigoo, So Min! can't wait for your drama return! I'm just so freaking excited about it!
Please announce soon what will be your next project! All your Minnies are just waiting for it!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi