Friday, May 27, 2011

The Making Playful Kiss DVD -Faint Scene!

And our dear friend opiod0101 from soompi is on the roll in sharing 
her PK Making DVD goodies!
And I'm so willing to accept any PK/HyunMin goodies possible!

So below are the screencaps and video link!

And here's the link of the VIDEO!

This particular clip is kinda short but its still jammed packed with HyunMin adorableness!
I particularly like the part where Hyun Joong was tagging the pigtail of MinMin! 
Its like a little boy pulling the hair of the little girl that he likes! 
Soooooooooooooooo cute!

credits: thepoopypoocrap aka opiod0101 of soompi

MinMin's Cyworld Update 27May!

Since its the anniversary of MinMin's debut in television, our princess did gave us another reason to smile as she did update her Cyworld today with a pic!

Below is her update!

MM Cyworld pix... at school I miss her

학교에서! (At school)

So happy that MinMin did update today! 
She's looking pretty and quirky as usual with her adorable pout! 
So pretty! And really love her to pieces! 
Happy Anniversary again MinMin! We love and misses you!
credits: jungsomin's cyworld 
mijoo-pearl of soompi

Happy First Year Anniversary Jung So Min!

Dearest So Min,

It's been a year since you have grace our small screen with your lovely presence in the K-drama called Bad Guy. To be perfectly honest about it the drama itself was a mess of story and have a such bothering ending but one of the few things that made me stay and still watch it was because of you. As a newbie I did find your presence refreshing and said to myself that the acting is quite impressive!

And then Playful Kiss comes along, I fell in love with you as you undoubtedly embraced the character of Oh Hani and made it your own! Indeed you are the best Kotoko ever! You are the another reason why Playful Kiss is my ultimate K-drama love! 

But I did love you even more as we get to know a little bit more about you. Being the sensible, smart,  the down to earth girl who have this unexplainable poise and grace. You also seem to always speak your mind, and always have sensible thoughts about things like career, love, friendship, school and life in general. And its such a breathe of fresh air seeing an actress like you being candid and spontaneous but still know her priorities. I can't really help but adore you more and more!

Its been months since we started this blog and its been awesome! And the rest is what I call blissful, happy, fun and life changing history!

We, here at simplysomin just wishes you more years to come in your career with wonderful projects that will surely showcase your numerous talents.  And happiness, more than anything else we wish you happiness and joy that not only that comes from your work satisfaction but from everything that you do and love.

God Bless you So Min! Have a wonderful years ahead in your blooming career!

Your Minnies will surely be there for you! We love you! 

 With lots of love,

simplysomin admins ^_^