Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Background!

Jung So Min uses her Cyworld to update pictures and other stuff that is related to her.
Just recently she posted her Selca pics and her Playful Kiss co-stars.

And now when you visit her Cyworld, you will she her new Background for her Cyworld.
From her old light pink with girl in Hula, now its black and white with the girl in black and white as well but with black bunny ears. Also stars were added design in it.

In my opinion, I love the new Background, it looks kinda mature but still playful because of the girl's bunny ears and the stars she used.

But, most importantly its good to know that her "status" is her Cyworld is still "Happy"

This is my screenshot of MinMin's new Cyworld Background
Added bonus that MinMin seem to upload new Selca pic!

CREDIT: jung so min in cyworld.com

Playful Kiss MV - Girl Like Me

love this vid! it has a lot of clips of Oh Hani  and of course our favorite couple OHN&BSJ
i think my PK nostalgia is fueled by the MBC drama awards i missed seeing them together!

Credits: ADxxProd

Our Dearest Oh HaNi

i know we all miss our dearest Minmin, and news about her are kinda hard to find so while we are waiting for updates lets have some fun :)
Oh hani had a lot of different hairstyles and i compiled some of them, so

What is your favorite Oh Hani Hairstyle?

thank you! :)