Monday, May 30, 2011

Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss Comics!

I think I posted before that in Japan comic version of Playful Kiss 
So Min and Hyun Joong were featured in a few volume of it but now 
they are already featured in its 13 volume! How cool is that! ^_^

Below are the pictures of the comics!

Its such a big deal that they are the ones in the comics because it means that the 
Japanese people really likes the Playful Kiss couple! 
And thats why maybe they are coming to Japan in August! 
Such a very lucky Japan PKissers! 
They would see them noy only once but twice!

And by the way to all PKissers here in the Philippines, 
Playful Kiss will be starting to air today May 30 at GMA Channel 7! 
Truth to be told, I don't watch GMA shows but for the love of Playful Kiss 
I will watch on that channel! 
So please show your support and love for Playful Kiss 
and its wonderful leads Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong! 
They need all the love and support we can give!
 AJA Fighting Playful Kiss! 

kathy's bench!

Another Batch of Playful Kiss Osaka FM Rehearsal!

And we got new batch of screencaps! 
Well it seems like the video can't be uploaded so we do got some screencaps
 from the Playful Kiss Osaka Fan Meeting rehearsal!

Below are the other pics!

Aigoo HyunMin! Why so cute and sweet?! 
I particularly find the bye of So Min cute but do you really need to say bye? 
Because you know you will still see each other right? In the Fan meeting itself?
And its so sweet that Hyun Joong still look on as So Min goes to her own dressing room 
as if making sure that she's going there before entering in his own room! 
Aish! HyunMin you are surely killing me with your adorableness!

credits: kyra and mjsg of soompi