Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fan Account Portion from Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting!

You guys know that I'm a frequent lurker to soompi and while lurking there got to read a Japanese Fan Account from the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting! So happy while reading the fan account!
Just read below to know the reason why I'm happy!

Source: Japanese Fan,Translated from Japanese to Chinese by : 莹水, 
From: Baidu’s Hyunmin Bar

Portion of the Japanese fans’ impression of MinMin from her performance on stage

Comparing MinMin with Song Hye-Gyo, that she knows how to express gratitude. 
When MinMin was heard thanking KHJ at the end, HJ after hearing this was really shocked.  MinMin bore a great deal of pressure as HJ’s co-star, she then gave him a courtesy bow.Standing on the stage in Japan, the leader in the Asian great entertainment stage, of course HJ knew he has high popularity and where his position is.  On such an occasion, to say such things must be not an easy thing to do yet MinMin did it.  This made the Japanese fans feel very thankful, seeing MinMin’s smiling face, they all left with a good impression back.There is an addition to their list of favourite women now.

Due to the reports in the news that the Japanese fans welcomed MinMin very enthusiastically, the Korean fans were taken by surprise.  In Korea, fans that are against MinMin are many, so probably MinMin is afraid of them.

Started ballet classes in primary school, grow up in a considerably good family, has excellent etiquette, matured beyond her age, she is an intelligent woman.  Knowing your position then would one be able to survive the entertainment industry.  With regards to her thoughts on character analysis and preparation on acting skills, that has left the Japanese fans feeling greatly touched.

Biggest thanks to tlbpc for the translation and to opiod0101 of soompi 
for posting this in soompi!
Its a great feeling to know that the Japanese fans was 
greatly touched with So Min's presence! 
Indeed So Min is such a classy young lady with down to earth personality 
and such a beautiful face! Who wouldn't be in love with this girl?

credits: baidu hyunmin thread
tlbpc of soompi for translation
opiod0101 of soompi

Playful Kiss Presscon In Innolife

We got here a short video from Innolife featuring Playful Kiss Japan Presscon!
Its kinda short but as long as the video have the HyunMin, I need to post it! LOL!

Below is the short video!

The video was not complete but at least we get a glimpse of how they interact during the photo op at the Playful Kiss Presscon! Glad that Hyun Joong was being the gentleman that he is as he seem to guide So Min during thr photo op for the press! 

credits: thejoonjoong of youtube