Saturday, May 7, 2011

MinMin's Cyworld Update 07May!

Wow! Its like MinMin is on roll for updating her Cyworld as per two days in a row she's updating us with pictures and status change. Now she updated again another picture!

Below is her picture!

2011년 5월 4일의 일상
도쿄에서 기자회견 하기 직전!
Google Translate:Just before a press conference in Tokyo!
As per the google translate from the caption this picture was before the 
press conference in Japan, I think Minmin was just busy preparing herself 
for the possible questions from the media!
But I think as per the articles about the presscon surfaces,
 she did well in the presscon together with Kim Hyun Joong! 
And her Minnies are sure proud of our lovely MinMin!

credit: mijoo-pearl of soompi
jungsomin's cyworld

This picture I think was during the presscon for Playful Kiss in Japan, 

MinMin's Cyworld Status 06May!

I know today is May 07 and the title of the post is May 06, 
well got to admit got so busy checking out photoss 
from the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting and Presscon that 
I almost forgot MinMin's Cyworld.
Well she did change her status!

Well, beliw is the screencap!

This is her status 만나고왔습니다. 행복한 시간들
which means Have been meeting. Happy times

Hmmmm....That status got me wondering which meeting she is referring to.
 But whatver it pertains to as long as she's happy, then I'm all for it! Stay happy MinMin!

credit: jungsomin cyworld

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min JapTV Entertainment News Eng Sub

I will never get tired of posting anything about Jung So Min and
 her Playful Kiss partner Kim Hyun Joong.
As I already posted the whole video before, below is the one with few
 translation of the parts of the video.

See it PKissers!

The most memorable would be kiss in the rain? Hmmmm.....
Actually I think its really one of the highlight of Playful Kiss and so happy that,
 the scene was done beautifully by So Min and Hyun Joong! 
*sigh Playful Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min! 
You are so addicting!

credit: 4everKHyunjoongLfan of youtube

The HyunMin Moments!

You guys all know how I'm such a HyunMin shipper, so basically everything about them drives me crazy so its always a delight for me to see others love them as well! Like our good online friend squishiee! Who loves to tumblr about the lovely HyunMin! 

So below is her tumblr entry for the HyunMin!

minjoong are a perfect couple

they get distracted by things together...

he stands by her when she’s having a laughing fit...

holds her tightly when she’s nervous...

she sneaks glances at him...

and they’re so dorky when they try to be serious xD

they are the perfect shy couple ^^

Thanks again squishiee for your wonderful tumblr post! Will look forward for more! ^_^
And love the little captions! Its so perfect for them! Love it!


More More Photos from Playful Kiss Presscon in Japan!

And the happy days of the HyunMin kingdom is still on! We got more pictures of our adorable Playful Kiss couple from their Japan Presscon!

Below are the wonderful pics! Enjoy it HyunMins!

Its been such a huge treat to all the PKissers, Minnies, Henecians and HyunMins 
the slew of wonderful pictures of the So Min and Hyun Joong! 
All the wait was all worth it as we saw how adorable they are as seen together! 
Hope for more of them in the future! 
Love! Love! Love HyunMins!

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