Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Playful Kiss Official Youtube Channel Reached Over 20 Million Views

Wow! This is definitely a very good news!
 Playful Kiss YouTube webisodes deserves to have this views because its just DAEBAK!

Below are the news links and PK YT views!

These are the news portals that reported this as well!

Yey! Its 20, 174,710 views and still counting! I'm so happy regarding this fact!
It only means that Playful Kiss is really well loved by many!
Its receiving so much love that it truly deserve!

newyorkcitygirl of soompi

Playful Kiss BTS - Morning of the Sleepover!

As we wait for August 2 to arrive, to see the Oppa and the Dongsaeng 
together again in one stage as of the moment we do have another Playful Kiss BTS!
 A big thanks to snowflakesj16 for this Playful Kiss BTS! 

Below is the video! 
Enjoy! ^_^

The video itself as usual contains the adorable little interactions between Hyun Joong and MinMin! 
They were being their funny, cute, silly selves which few of the many reasons why we love them!
Now, again I'm wishing that its August 2 already! 

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi