Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playful Kiss Guidebook!

Whew! So many Playful Kiss goodies are release for Japan market and 
now they even have a Playful Kiss Guidebook!

Below are the things to be found in the PK Guidebook!


Now, the more I think about it Playful Kiss having a not-so-appreciative-TV-viewers
 in their home country is a blessings in disguise because it makes 
Playful Kiss to be more loved by other countries!

And the more countries who love Playful Kiss are way much better right?
Well, wishing that Playful Kiss continue to shine across the globe!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi


Playful Kiss DVD and Comic Book!

WOW!  Japan! Just WOW!
Can I change for a Japan passport for about 2 weeks? 
So, I could easily go there just in time for the 
Playful Kiss Japan Event!

Surely, the Japan viewers are having a blast with all the amazing promotions for Playful Kiss!
Now they have the Making DVD and Convenience Store Version Comic Book!

The DVD Making Of Playful Kiss Vol.1 and Vol. 2!

 Playful Kiss Comic Book!

I'm so excited! March 13 is just around the corner!
Can't wait to see the Playful Kiss together again!

credits: kathy's bench


Worst Friends (최악의 친구들) GIF's!

My love for GIF's are extended to all the things that is MinMin related!

We already have the whole video of MinMin's short appearance in the
 short film Worst Friends.
In the short film, MinMin seems to play a kinda naughty character!
Hmmmm, sounds interesting!

Now thanks to snowflakesj16 of soompi, we got GIF's from Worst Friends!

Below are the GIF's Minnies! ^_^

With Kim Soo Hyun!
Naughty MinMin?
Lucky, Baek Seung Jo is not yet around during that time!

I remember seeing that gesture!
Care to know where? LOL!

MinMin rocks fake mustache!
Its cute and silly at the same time!
Hopefully in the nearest future our MinMin would be able to star in a full length movie!
And I think with a great story and character in a movie, MinMin will surely shine!

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi

MinMin Cyworld Update Mar 02!

Some of the Minnies here in this blog are predicting whether MinMin would update or not.
I'm starting to doubt whether MinMin would update today but she never failed her Minnies.
Actually, my bet is that she will update after 2 days but I'm happy to be wrong!

She updated her Cyworld around after midnight!

Well, below are the pictures she updated!
Enjoy the pics Minnies!

Can I say how cute MinMin is wearing a pink boots?

Do I see a little sadness MinMin?
I hope I'm wrong!

I'm having a not so good day because of photo sharing site problems but seeing 
MinMin's updates brings back the smile on my face!
So now I'm a happy Minnie!

Thanks MinMin for never failing to bring smiles to your Minnies!
Can't wait for more of your updates!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi
jungsomin cyworld