Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting Pics with Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong!

I know this are the pictures that most HyunMins/Minjoong shippers are waiting so without further ado, here's the pictures of the now so famous "hug"!

Enjoy it PKissers, HyunMins!

Edited: Added another new pics!

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ok, I'm officially a crazy person!!!
I'm just so happy to see them together once again and share the same stage and HUG!
I have little happy tears in my eyes! Hahahahaha! Sounds crazy right? 
Well, as long as its MinMin and Hyun Joong
 I will admit to the world that I'm crazy about them! 
Love them much!
Now I'm wishing for videos! Videos!!! We want videos!

credits: lhubbmeih of twitter


So Min's HQ Pictures in Kanzai Airport!

While we wait for the pictures from the Playful Kiss Japan fan Meeting, we have here the HQ pictures of the ever lovely So Min from Kanzai Airport! Thanks to the anonymous visitor for the link!

Below are the pics!


Aigooooooooooo! So, so pretty!!!! So lovely as ever! But as my co-KBencher Ate Grace 
pointed out, it seems like So Min and Hyun Joong wears same kind of shades! Hmmmm....Coincidence? I guess we will never know! 
But for now, we need more pictures from the fan meeting!!!! 
We want more!!!!



Jung So Min's Pic for the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting Part 2!

Here's another 2 pictures coming again from Twitter! 
I'm so thankful right now to twitter because its such a big help in trying to find pictures 
of So Min and Hyun Joong from the PK Japan Fan Meeting!

Below are the other pics!

I think that picture of MinMin was shot while she was singing because as per the tweets,
 she did sing 1 song!
I suudenly remember the time when she sings in PK BTS!
 I wonder what song she sang?
Hope to see the video of her performance!
 And Hyun Joong is looking so great as ever!
Can't wait for the high quality pictures of these adorable HyunMin!

credit: tomomon2 of twitter


Jung So Min's Pic for the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting!

To be honest been waiting like a loony for the whole day for the update from the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting! So imagine my dismay when we don't have pictures from the said event.
But Cindy shared some links and thankfully got 2 pictures from the event!

Below are the pics PKissers!

I really hope that in coming hours we can get more clearer and more beautiful
 pictures of our dearest HyunMin! 
I hope that the organizers of the PK Japan Fan Meeting will release more
 pictures and videos!
Here's to hoping for more PK goodies!

credits: cindy 
tomomon2 of twitter


So Min's Other Version of her Japan Airport Pic!

Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo! The HyunMin are already in Japan!
As you see in picture that Kathy has posted So Min is already in Japan for the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting.
Now, got the other version of that picture!

Below is the pic, Minnies!

Seeing So Min's picture in Japan really makes me so happy because it really
 means that the much awaited Playful Kiss Fan Meeting is really gonna happen! 
I pray that they would have a blast on the Fan Meeting 
and hope for lots and lots of great pictures and videos!
See you in less than a day HyunMin! 
AJA Fighting Playful Kiss and HyunMin!

credits: KHJthailand via tweetpic
opiod0101 of soompi