Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MinMin's Fanvid: I knew I Love You!

I know all of the Minnies are missing our dear MinMin like crazy
So just for now have some fanvids from iamonlyhuman12345! 
One is for MinMin and the other is for our lovely HyunMin!

Below are the videos!

MinMin, where are you thy princess?
I know you are surely preparing for your return and us, your Minnies will surely wait for it!
Now, as Hyun joong will be in my country I suddenly wish MinMin would come here too!
Maybe for a vacation, photoshoot, CF, anything! As long as she can come here! 
Aigoo Jean! You are surely wishing for too much!
Forgive me, Minnies I just can't help it! Missing MinMin much! ^_^

credit: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube

Jung So Min Singing at Tokyo PK FM Event August 2011

I already did post MinMin singing for the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Osaka
Now finally we got to see her sing for the PK FM in Tokyo!
Its bit short, but hey as long as MinMin its good! ^_^

Below is the video!

Added video! MinMin message!

Aigoo!!! MinMin is really adorable! 
Looking so beautiful and singing sweetly!
I'm getting greedy and wanted to see the whole performance of MinMin!
And please somebody with a good soul can help us to translate
 what MinMin has said in the message?
I'm itching to know and understand! ^_^

credits: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube
mnet, yyy148b, wanwan0606khj