Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Playful Kiss FanVids!

Did I tell you that I will bombard you will all Playful Kiss related 
as we celebrate that anniversary of our lovely drama!
Today we have some fanvids that celebrate the drama and 
the OTP that we all love and miss!

Below are the videos!

It really warms my heart every time that I see new fanvids for our lovely OTP! 
Because it only means that even though its been a year since Playful Kiss 
many people are still being captured by its own brand of charm and loveliness!
To all PKissers, thank you for keeping the love for Playful Kiss and to the HyunMin alive!
Love love love you all!!

credits: estanyela, the rukubebe8877

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Ten Favorite PK Scenes: Oh Hani and Baek Seung Jo Edition!

As my preparation for the Playful Kiss 1st Anniversary,
 I'm currently re-watching Playful Kiss and because of that
 wonderful memories came rushing in! So Minnies kinda prepare yourselves 
because we will go back to memory lane as we celebrate the little drama
 that touched our hearts in so many ways!

So I made a list of my favorite scenes of our adorable OTP, Oh Hani and Baek Seung Jo!

Seung Jo saving Hani from Weird Pervert! - I love this part because its the few signs that showed that Seung Jo started to care about Hani! He may take it as annoyance but hey in our eyes we know its not the case! ^_^

Chasing under the Tree -They were so adorable while Seung Jo was chasing Hani for his girl childhood pic! I can't help but just be giddy just be watching it especially when Seung Jo cornered Hani in the tree and pretend he's gonna kiss her! So cute!

Oh Hani poking Seung Jo's butt! -This was supposed to be a little revenge of Hani to Seung Jo as Seung Jo doesn't know that Hani was the one in the Fart King costume! But Hani's little advantage was cut off as she fell down and needs Seung Jo's help to get up! Soon Seung Jo discovered that Hani was the one in the costume! So adorable when he pinched her cheek!!! 

Musical date! -They looked so freaking good as complementing in their clothes for the "accidental date" that Mama Baek has planned. And I love this part because this was the time when Hani gave something Seung Jo to look for...something to make him happy to be able to live a happy life and bring happiness to others. 

Hurtful Banters (Episode 13) - I love this part because it reflects the feelings of Seung Jo towards Hani, how hard Seung Jo tries to be so right in choosing whats best for his family and trying to ignore his feelings for Hani even though it kills him. And for Hani how hard she tries to move on as Seung Jo has decided to take the what he thought the right thing to do. The whole scene was full of hurtful words and conflicting feelings! Damn that scene alone makes me cry!

Kiss in the Rain- Do I need to say more why I love scene? Its the confirmation that we were all been waiting for! Seung Jo loves Hani, no more no less! Company be damn but Seung Jo will not let go of Hani! And it didn't help that the kiss itself was worth waiting for! 

Hold Hands - Its part of the big scene where Seung Jo announces to the family that he wanted to marry Hani but what really made me all so giddy was the part when Seung Jo holds her hand, its an affirmation that he will  the take this with Hani until the end! 

Balcony backhug- Again, no need to explain further! Just knowing that Seung Jo was really serious about his confessions to Hani and that he's willing to show it. It makes all the hurt, the wait and effort of Hani all worth it!

Honeymoon- Matching pajamas, couch, princess lift, bed and lots and lots of kisses! That's all thank you! ^_^

Restaurant hug- I love that hug in the restaurant because its a testament that whatever happens Seung Jo will never leave Hani and that whatever storm or problems might happen Seung Jo will always wait for Hani and Hani really did found her home in Seung Jo!

Kiss in the car- A hot kiss in a lovely car and a voluntary I love you from Seung Jo made me love this scene!  Because we all know Seung Jo was not the verbal type who rarely expresses his feeling thru words so its refreshing to hear the words I love you from him! 

That's all folks! That's the list of my fave Playful Kiss scenes! 
I do hope I have same faves as yours!
Now I'm off again in re-watching!  See yah around PKissers! 
Love love love!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jung So Min's Bad Guy on NHK Japan!

Since we are still waiting for the return of the ever lovely MinMin
Got news that MinMin's first drama, the Bad Guy will be shown in Japan!

Below is the news!

Glad to know that even though MinMin is quiet these days her other dramas
 being shown in different country makes her more visible!
I do hope that Japanese will continue to support MinMin as Bad Guy will be shown there!
As I always mentioned I love Bad Guy because it gives us MinMin!


Playful Kiss Anniversary Messages!

Dear Minnies, PKissers, HyunMins, Henecians,

As I look at the calender this morning checking what the date today is, saw that we are nearing the end of the month, then something struck me! Its almost September and Playful Kiss would have its 1st year anniversary!!!

WOW!!! Just few days from now and its been a year since Playful Kiss grace the small screen and yet the effect of the drama still lingers to me! And of course because of Playful Kiss I gained my ultimate OTP loves! MinMin and Hyun Joong! Without this drama, I think its safe to say that my love for these adorable wouldn't be these enormous!

And as part of our mini tribute to Playful Kiss, I do hope to send letters to MinMin and Hyun Joong about how we love Playful Kiss!!! So if you do have some messages for MinMin and Hyun Joong, you can leave the message in the comment box or you can email it to! The deadline for sending messages for our lovely PK OTP will be on September 1 because need to sent it to them! Hope for your happy response my dears!

lots of love,


Sunday, August 28, 2011

HyunMin MV; She's The One

Hi my dear Minnies!!! Soooooooooooooo sorry if I haven't posted for the last 3 days! 
Been so busy for something that was so important, 
 think you guys already have an idea about it!
But even I'm busy I can't help but think about our lovely MinMin 
as her PK co-star visited my country!
So, below is a MV of the ever adorable HyunMins!

Below is the video!

MinMin, where are you? 
We really miss you terribly! 
How I wish we could at least get a hint for your next project!
MinMin, a little hint would help! ^_^

credit: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ten Things That I find Interesting in Jung So Min!

Well since the news are pretty slow these days
I got myself to look up the pictures and videos of our dear MinMin!
I suddenly think of the things that I love and got me interested in MinMin!
Please be reminded that my list is random and not necessarily a big deal for everyone!

Below is my list!

^_^ Good Soul --I think all the Minnies knows how sweet and kind MinMin is! The way she treats others and her fans are truly admirable! Just what like she mentioned in my letter to us!

^_^ Graceful Aura --This is one of the things that really amaze me in regards with MinMin, we all know that MinMin is such a beautiful lady but with her graceful aura her beauty turns into a such breath taking sight!

^_^ Lack of interest in Earrings!--I have notice this ever since Bad Guy, in her photos you don't normally see her wearing earrings! If she did wear one it would be so small! Wonder why she don't wear one? Any guess Minnies?

^_^ Gorgeous Shoes! --This is one thing that I envy about MinMin, her gorgeous shoes!!! I especially love the shoes she wore in PK FM in Tokyo! Super pretty! Really MinMin? Where do you get those pretty pretty shoes!!!

^_^ Selca Pics --We all know that MinMin loves to take pictures and the pictures that she usually take is Selca pics! And who would not love MinMin's selca pics? She's so freaking adorable in her selca pics! And besides its so personal because its really from MinMin so we feel a little bit closer to her!

^_^ Rawness in acting --MinMin is still considered a newbie in the K-dramaland and in the world of acting but what makes her stand out is her wonderful acting chops! And maybe because MinMin really puts her everything in the roles that she does thats why the result in her acting were really superb!

^_^ Her love for food!--We all saw how she's so well figured but as we also saw in the O'live Travel that MinMin has such a good appetite! Its seems to me that MinMin has good relationship with food!And she eats so cutely!

^_^ Dancing skills!-- This girl surely knows some moves! My jaws literally dropped when I when her videos dancing the traditional Korean dance! And few ballet moves in Bad Guy and Playful Kiss! I really wish to see MinMin dance K-pop style! I think she will nail it!

^_^ Infectious laugh-- I think everyone will agree on this! MinMin's laughter is really infectious! Especially if she laughs her heart out! Her smiles and laughter can truly light up one's day!

^_^Good student--I'm a great believer that education is one of the key of one's success! So when I find out that MinMin is really putting such a great importance to her education I can't help but love her even more! And added factor that our MinMin is quite a smartypants!

As I have mentioned this list is just my random thoughts about our dear MinMin!
Maybe you can share the things that interested you as well!
Would love to hear about it!

Also, again Minnies, if you have any questions, any articles, videos, poets, letters or anything that is about MinMin that you wanted to post or to know just simply email us at, Okies?
See yah around Minnies! Love Love Love!!! ^_^

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MinMin's Fanvid: I knew I Love You!

I know all of the Minnies are missing our dear MinMin like crazy
So just for now have some fanvids from iamonlyhuman12345! 
One is for MinMin and the other is for our lovely HyunMin!

Below are the videos!

MinMin, where are you thy princess?
I know you are surely preparing for your return and us, your Minnies will surely wait for it!
Now, as Hyun joong will be in my country I suddenly wish MinMin would come here too!
Maybe for a vacation, photoshoot, CF, anything! As long as she can come here! 
Aigoo Jean! You are surely wishing for too much!
Forgive me, Minnies I just can't help it! Missing MinMin much! ^_^

credit: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube

Jung So Min Singing at Tokyo PK FM Event August 2011

I already did post MinMin singing for the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Osaka
Now finally we got to see her sing for the PK FM in Tokyo!
Its bit short, but hey as long as MinMin its good! ^_^

Below is the video!

Added video! MinMin message!

Aigoo!!! MinMin is really adorable! 
Looking so beautiful and singing sweetly!
I'm getting greedy and wanted to see the whole performance of MinMin!
And please somebody with a good soul can help us to translate
 what MinMin has said in the message?
I'm itching to know and understand! ^_^

credits: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube
mnet, yyy148b, wanwan0606khj

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jung So Min MV: You Are So Beautiful

Sorry the news are bit slow these days, I really hope MinMin let us know 
her projects real soon
But while we are waiting got a MV for the ever lovely MinMin!

Below is the MV!

All I know that MinMin is really beautiful, but what makes her 
more beautiful is not all about her physical but whats more about her heart! 
MinMin does have such a good heart!  
And added to that is her wide understanding and having a smart and witty mind! 
Seriously MinMin! You got them all! 

credit: iamonlyhuman12345

Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting Translations Part 3!

Sorry for the late post today! Have a long and fun day today so my post is late!
Anyways its better late then never right? Now we the continuation of the translations 
from the Playful Kiss Tokyo Fan Meeting!

Below are the translations!

Source: and 日饭Blog
Translated by :大毛&由幽&Annie and莹水
From: and Baidu HyunMin Bar
MC: Happy times are this short, finally let both of them express their thoughtsMM: Very thankful for so many have come, seems like full house, thank you everyone. I will still return the next time to Japan to see everyone.  Hope you would watch out for my TV dramas and movies,  Goodbye ~~HJ: Thank you everyone for being able to come in the hot summer.  Please give PK much more love and also for singer KHJ. 2011 is also a year I’ve been getting everyone’s love, will continue to work hard.  Will see you tonight (the audience laughed) When singing One More Time, KHJ seem to be teary.

In the whole fm, HJ gave the impression that he has forgotten about many PK’s shoot happenings.  It was MM at the side who reminded him and then he remembered.MM kept addressing HJ as “Oppa”.
Night Show

Ha Ni’s bath scene
HJ: I remember this scene, there was such a scene.MC: Seems like there were many NGs?MM: The director gave a lot of directions on acting and there were many changes to the lines and standing positions which took up a lot of time.HJ: Really didn’t have time to sleep,even 5 days overnight in a row.  Earlier when shooting BOF, heard from the director that if the first drama was this hard, the next will be easier.  I was gladly looking forward but PK turned out to be doubly harder.

Kiss in the rain scene
HJ watched the video very attentively, seems like he was suppressing his inner feelings. MM and the MC smiled shyly.  As HJ was watching he said: It was really acted with a confessional mood.MC: Wasn’t it a mischievous kiss?  Should be a deep kiss right?HJ:The director requested it to be a passionate kissing scene and it must be done at one take OK. (Suddenly he laughed)  In my experience, this is the most intense kiss ever. (He was too frank here)MC:Does it mean that it is up to now for acting in a TV drama?HJ:In PK, because I have acted in two dramas only, it’s imaginary.MC:Not in your private appointments?HJ (laughed):This shoot was really difficult, there wasn’t enough water, need to be done at one take.  Because it’s nearing dawn 6am,it was really rush.  Actually SM wasn’t feeling well that day and she took some medicine.MM:I didn’t feel well and had some medicine.
(It was said to be done in one take but the camera was placed in different positions to shoot and that already took 3 to 4 times.  2 persons’ kiss should have a certain feeling of shared happiness; it didn’t seem distasteful to look on.  If this is how to get married then it will be just like them.) (My note:  This is the blogger's opinion)
    MC to MM: In the TV drama you wore many cute clothing, how do you dress usually?MM: I too like cute clothing but recently have been wearing trendy clothes.MC: How do you want your future boyfriend to dress up?  About how many points do you give HJ’s clothing style?MM: How one dress most importantly is whether the person suits it or not.  HJ sunbae 9 points. 100 points as full marks(laughed)HJ seem quite upset:  Me? Actually I have no choice; it seems that it was just those few clothes for the filming.  For example, even if it’s the same clothes but still need to continue to wear them. (HJ like a schoolboy defending himself)MM: It’s 9 points out of 10 as full marks actually.
MC: Please tell what little secrets only you both know of each other, or anything that’s cute.HJ: SM has very good appetite for food.MM laughedHJ: SM doesn’t eat a lot but will eat different varieties of food (laughed) like at a birthday party (a variety of food)MM: If there are people around me, I’ll dare to eat not leaving food behind, normally I don’t do that.MC: Why…why?MM: During a break while eating a very big hamburger, because it is as large as a face I didn’t see HJ in front, then I heard - kekeke… sound of laughter and it was HJ filming me with a film recorder. I told him - quickly delete it off, erase it off quickly.HJ: When SM was eating the hamburger, her face is like a piglet (laughed)MM held her fist to hit HJ and HJ reached out to block it (laughed)HJ corrects: Just like a little squirrel holding with 2 hands to eat an acorn as she ate the hamburger.MM: This is cute? Call me piglet.HJ facing the audience: Cute or not? (Weak reaction from the audience)MC: Then SM do you find HJ cute in anyway?MM: When HJ sleeps he snores like a kitten (laughed)MM facing the audience: Can this be said as cute? (The audience laughed)MC:Then both of you can be called kitten and a little squirrel (laughed)  Word connection gameMC:BoatHJ(When he was pondering his face is very beautiful, kept pondering with his head bending)MM: SeaHJ: Salmon fish shop….because in PK’s episode 9, I went to the salmon fish shop to use their toilet at the park.MM: Thinking over more ……HJ: That we will talk about it later at backstage
What do you want to do most this summer?
Both: SoccerHJ: I just wrote down what I thought yet SM wrote the same answer! MC: Playful Kiss the TV dramaMM: DirectorHJ: Oh Ha Ni
It was then forfeit time followed by a quiz with the audience, both performed their songs and it was the ending.HJ: Finally, thank you everyone for giving PK so much love.  Please keep BSJ’s existence in your heart forever.  After this I will continue to work hard as an actor and singer.
**Latest additional translation by淘气默 of Baidu HyunMin Bar on the ending part –MM: Very grateful that everyone has been waiting for today.HJ: Please give more love to PK and hope everyone will forever remember BSJ.  Thank you for loving me and Jung Su Min.
Again lots and lots of thanks to tlbpc for the translations of the Playful Kiss Tokyo! I super love it!Especially the kitten and little squirrel part! Both of them were so adorable! But really love the part where Hyun Joong thanks the Japan fans for loving him and MinMin, it felt so personal!And sounded so happy and sincere!
credits: tlbpc of soompi

Friday, August 19, 2011

MinMin's Cyworld Background 19Aug!

Our lovely princess got finally hold of her Cyworld as she updated her Cyworld
 with her new background and have a new status as well! 
Her background is Hong Mo Nae from Bad Guy!

Below is the update of our princess!

Posted Image

And her status is 여행을떠나요! (Bon Voyage!)

MinMin's new background is so beautiful! I will always love Bad Guy
 even though its bit a disaster in the end because it did give us MinMin! 
 And must admit MinMin's style in Bad Guy was really to watch out for!
And of course her status always makes us curious! 
Who are you saying Bon Voyage too? Are you travelling?
Where? Here in my country? Hehehehehe! Just Kidding! 

Its just my wishful thinking!
 Or maybe you are saying Bon Voyage to someone else? 
Wonder who would that be? ^_^

credits: jungsomin's cyworld
mijoo-pearl of soompi

Thursday, August 18, 2011

MinMin's Cute Eating Video! ^_^

I'm doing my usual browsing youtube routine for anything new about 
our dear MinMin when I came across this video by iamonlyhuman12345. 
Its so cute because it features MinMin Japan travel for O'live 
and focuses on her eating adventures!

See for yourself Minnies!

I hope MinMin could nore projects like this! I think it would be so fun!
And besides it brings her to other places so maybe next time she will come to my country!
(I'm praying for it!) 

I suddenly remember a certain someone says that MinMin is cute when she eats
"She eats like a squirrel eats its acorn" ^_^

credit: iamonlyhuman12335 of youtube

Playful Kiss Tokyo Fan Meeting Pics From Innolife

I know most of the pictures are already been seen but this pictures are the version of Innolife 
and of course I know as long as its MinMin and anything to do with Playful Kiss, I love it. So here it is!
 Love love love them!^_^

Here's the pics!

Sometimes, I'm wondering if I will ever get tired of them?
Well, I always get the same answer over and over again,
The answer is NEVER! ^_^
Why? Because both of them always gives us reason to love them more each day!

credits: kathy'sbench

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HyunMin Four MV's!

Sorry my Minnies I'm having such a terrible HyunMin missing syndrome so 
I'm watching MV's of our adorable couple and now got some few to share it with you!

Hope you like them as I like them!

The songs for the MV's are just telling a story, they got a CRUSH to each other then wondering IF THEY FALL IN LOVE, and they CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE 
and now NOTHING GONNA STOP US is the last stage! ^_^ 
It so sounded like a fanfic! So cute just like HyunMin!

I really like seeing MV's of them, and still feel surprise to see new MV's of them
because it only means that they are still well love even though the drama has ended
Can't help but feel so grateful to them! ^_^

credits: abbiegaile29, bubblybrook, katieminami4 of youtube

Playful Kiss Video from Japan Fan Meeting!

Well to be honest the video below features mostly to Hyun Joong 
but hey as long as we get to glimpse our princess them so be it! 
And besides we do love Hyun Joong so its ok, right Minnies?

Below is the video!

In the video we can briefly see the hug from the opening of the event!
I just wish the hug did last longer! Hehehehe! Sorry my shipper heart is on full mode!
I have this HUGE request, can they release a DVD of the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan?
I bet it will sold a thousand as this cute OTP is surely love by its fans!

credits: hj8666 of youtube

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MinMin's Random Pics Part 13!

MinMin, oh MinMin, where are you thy princess?
I sound like a Romeo looking for her Juliet! Hehehehehehe!
Well as we still wait for MinMin's announcement for her next drama 
we got our selves some sponsor pictures from MinMin!

Below are the pics!

I think this sponsor pics was taken last year
during her Bad Guy and Playful Kiss days her two unforgettable dramas
Aigoo! MinMin the wait for your return the term excited is surely underrated!

credit: may of

HyunMin MV: I'm Yours!

We all do know that our dearest Playful Kiss are such cuties and full of adorableness!
And I do know as well as I shipper of this well loved OTP you remember their little coincidence regarding the similarity of their fave song as of the moment 
which is the song I'm Your's by Jason Mraz
iamonlyhuman12345 did a MV regarding the our PK couple using that song!

Below is the video!


I'm yours by Jason Mraz

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
Now I'm trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I'll be giving it my bestest
And nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
Listen to the music of the moment babay sing with me
I love peace for melody
And It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

Scooch on over closer dear
And i will nibble your ear

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what I'm be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue

But I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours
Please don't, please don't, please don't
There's no need to complicate
Cause our time is short
This oh this this is out fate, I'm yours!

How I wish you could all see my smile!
Just remembering the "little coincidences" of these two really 
puts a huge smile on my face!
Aigoo, HyunMin! Every time I see a clip, videos or even pictures 
of the two of you it just warms my heart!
Well, maybe because I see the fondness of one towards the other that's why! 

credit: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube