Saturday, September 3, 2011

MinMin's Fanvid: Kiss Kiss!

The wait is driving me crazy! So aside from re-watching Playful Kiss,
 I'm lurking or more like stalking youtube for anything Jung So Min related 
and then I saw this fanvid! Imagine my smile while watching this fanvid, 
seeing MinMin while listening to one of my fave song! Daebak right?

Below is the video Minnies!

Our dear MinMin, where are you thy princess?
Everybody is looking for you!
I do pray that you at least update your Cyworld because some of 
the Minnies are getting worried already!
Hope you are doing great! Sorry if I repeat myself like a broken record, 
its just that we really miss you MinMin! Please be back soon!
 Love yah MinMin!

credit: kamelia210 of youtube

Playful Kiss BTS Hang-over!

Sorry for my late posts my dear Minnies, I'm still in memory lane as I'm re-watching everything related to Playful Kiss! Now the apple of my eyes are Playful Kiss BTS! 
You all know how I love Playful Kiss BTS!
 So now I wanted to share with you my most favorites from all of them!

Below are the BTS!

Mianhe again my dears if I'm spamming this posts with videos! 
To be honest I wanted to post more BTS then I realized it means that
 I need to post all parts of the DVD of the Playful Kiss the Making if I do that!
All the behind the scenes of Playful Kiss is all worth it to watch!
 As I mentioned before, this is where the magic happened! LOL!

credits: momopor, pluekiss, sraki2 of youtube