Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playful Kiss on O'live Drama Edition!

Found this on soompi thanks to snowflakesj16!
This was during last December, Jung So Min for O'live Drama Edition for Playful Kiss.

I hope we can find translations for this video, but my guess would be So Min was inviting people who watch O'live to tune in for Playful Kiss.

I really badly needed a Korean language lessons! ^_^

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi
          o'live drama edition

CHOICEs EP 2 or 3 ~ Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min & Kim Nam Gil ~mini-mov...

And the story continues...


Jung So Min and Yoon Eun Hye FanVid!

When our dearest So Min debuted in the small screen last year, the first impression 
from the viewers was that she looks like the younger version of Yoon Eun Hye.
Well, in the few glance you might say that they really kinda have resemblance, 
but if you look closely and properly you can spot the difference.

Below is the video done by indah1407 comprises pictures of So Min and Yoon Eun Hye!

I think having resemblances between the two ladies is a good thing for both of them, 
because both of them are beautiful and talented actresses in their own right. 

And maybe because of the resemblance that they have maybe
 they can work together in a drama as sisters!
It might be an interesting project to see! 
With both of them having a good acting chops
 that kind of project would be a blast!

Well, a fan can wish right?

credit: indah1407 of youtube

MinMin Cyworld Update Mar 20!

Yehey! Our princess is back!
Thankfully MinMin did update her Cyworld today March 20 at 1:30 am!
And she also changed her Cyworld status!

Below are her updates Minnies! ^_^

This is her new status!
From Cumbersome its now Happy!

This is from her Cyworld!
It seems like gifts from her fans!

사랑하는 당신들 보세요^^
몇일전, 16일이 저의 생일이었어요~
날짜를 까먹는다거나 할만큼 무심하진 않아도
그렇다고 생일을 굉장히 챙기는 스타일도 아니라
소담소담하게 생일날을 보냈습니다.

음.. 한가지 전과 달랐던 점은 처음으로
낳아주신 부모님께 감사하는 마음으로 선물을 드려 보았던 것...
그걸로 낳아주시고 키워주시며 속썩인게 다 무마되는 건 아니지만,
기특해하시는 것보니까 그렇게 좋을수가 없었어요 ㅎㅎ
부끄럽게도 처음이었는데 이젠 매번 생일마다 그래야겠어요^^
너무 행복했습니다.(한번 해보세요! 강추+ㅁ+)

아 여담이었구요..
음 맘을 표현잘못하는 성격이라..
으으으으 어떻게 글을 써야할지 잘 모르겠네요ㅠㅠ
여러분들이 보내주신 선물..
잘 받았습니다.^^
가까운 곳에서, 그리고 바다건너 먼 곳에서 정말
많은 분들이 참 모지란 저의 태어남을 축하해주신다는 것,
마음으로 느낄 수 있어 참으로 행복했습니다.

제 키보다 훨씬 커서 듬직듬직한 우리 곰돌이 아저씨~
잠잘 때 옆에서 떡하니 지키고 계셔서 절대 악몽꿀일은
없을 것 같아요^^헤헤
그리고 부끄럽게도 태어나서 첨받아본 대따 큰 꽃바구니.^^
또 좋은 분들의 사진까지 볼 수 있는 생일축하카드스티커~
아니 어쩜 그렇게 예쁘고 아기자기하게 잘 꾸미셨어요~??
뭣보다 글뿐아니라 당신들의 사진을 볼수있어 좋았어요^^
굉장히굉장히 친근해서..헤헤 옆집에 있는 것 같았어요+ㅁ+
음..또 굉장히 식겁하며 놀랐다가 귀여워서 마구 웃었던,
승조하니 얼굴입체 인형ㅎㅎ
근데 하니인형 너무 대두아니예요ㅜㅠ?ㅋㅋ
아니에요, 존재감있고 좋아요^^
열심히 만드셨을 사진들 담겨있는 CD.
그리고 배경음악 '너를사랑해'. "나도"
이쁜 사진 두장. 또 귀요미 핑크 곰순이와 어여쁜
한 아가씨가 만들어주신 제 이름목걸이.

제가 학교과제하느라 이제서야 사진을 올립니다.
함께 인증샷도 찍고 싶었지만 누가 대신 과제를
해주지 않으니까요ㅠㅜ 조만간 인증 고고싱+_+

12일날, 일본 프로모션 일정이 취소되었어요..
뭐라 말을 못하겠네요..
그냥 최대한 빨리 다시 프로모션날짜가 잡힐만큼
안정을 되찾았으면 좋겠습니다. 간절히..

모두 행복하셨음 좋겠구,
감사인사전하는 와중에도 본능을 이기지 못하고
깨알 말장난 친 저를 너그럽게 용서하시면
복받으실거예욧+ㅁ= 꺅
사랑합니다. 건강하세요.


This is the translation from Google Translate:

Try to love you ^ ^A few days ago, 16 days was my birthday ~As long as you do not indifferent forgetting the date, or toBut a great birthday, take your style, butSodam sodamhage sent birthday.
Well .. Different from one kind of thing before, for the first timeBiological parents, thanks to a gift from the heart Tell what you saw ...Inge gave birth to it, increase our soksseok; he does not make it go away, butWould rather be good so I did not have giteukhaehasineun heheTo my shame I was the first time I have to go every birthday ^ ^I was happy. (Try it! Gangchu + wh +)
Oh, man began to digression ..Well, the nature of mind is the wrong expression ..Ew ew do not know whether I should write ㅠ ㅠThey send you a gift ..Thank you. ^ ^Near and far across the sea IMojiran so many people greeted me like celebrating the birth,Heart can feel truly happy.
The more the cursor key counterparts 듬 likely very reliable man, we bear ~When you sleep next to us being kept from passing an absolute nightmare forI think not ^ ^ heheAnd the shame of a large bouquet of flowers was born daetta cheombatahbon. ^ ^And to the good people can see photos of the birthday card sticker ~Maybe not so pretty kkumisyeot The side did well ~?You can see pictures of mwotboda geulppunahnira liked it ^ ^Hehe .. very very friendly and seemed to be in next door + wh +Well .. a cute harness also laughed really surprised sikgeophamyeo,So solid crew, doll face heheBut too much soy is not so stuffed ㅠ ㅜ? ㅋ ㅋNo, existence and good ^ ^Filled with pictures made harder to CD.And the background music 'neoreulsaranghae'. "So do I."Beautiful two pictures. Another two gwiyomi gomsun pink and prettyMy Name Necklace for making a girl.
Kid was literally ^ ^ HAPPY BIRTHDAYNow I spent my school project to raise the photo.Who also wanted to take shots with the authentication challenges rather that'll Do what I can Cause sooner or later certified gogosing + _ +
12 ilnal, Japanese promotional schedule has been canceled ..I can not tell what's ..Just as soon as possible re-promotion caught the dateI hope to have regained stability. Sincerely ..
Jotgetgu happiness hath all,Yet even prior auditors failed to win instinctPlease forgive me generously pro pun clearly shownBokbateusilgeoyeyot + wh = screamsI love you. Take care.
Somin Olympique ^ ^ 
Note: I did post the google translate version of MinMin's message for us to at least get an idea of what she did write about. So, hopefully someone who understands Korean with a good heart can help us out for the correct translation.

I'm so happy that MinMin did update her Cyworld!
Also, glad to know that it seems like she did have a great birthday celebration!
Clearly based on her status that she's happy right now!
And for me as long as she's happy, than I am as well!

Thank you MinMin for letting us know how you feel!
We, your Minnies hopes that you continue to be happy!
We Love you MinMin! ^_^

credit: jungsomin's cyworld
screencap: jeankaycee