Saturday, April 16, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Update Apr 16!

Another Cyworld update from our resident love MinMin!
This update comes the news of Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan being push thru for May 3!

Below is her update!

아아아아아 아이폰에 완전히 적응해버린 스마트폰늦둥이(T_T) 이제 
일어났어요......oㅁo 뒷통수친 알람.....인건지 내가 못들은건지ㅜㅠ 얼
렁 준비하고 전 공염보러갑니다~~~~~~^

I did try to use google translate to understand the caption that comes with the picture but unfortunately it doesn't make sense to me.
 So hopefully someone can help us translate the said caption.

Happy that MinMin did update us again. 
And so excited to see her again for the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in May 03! 
For sure MinMin would be adorable as ever! 
May 03 can you can faster? ^_^

credits: jungsomin's cyworld
           snowflakesj16 of soompi


So Min's Friend Li So Bin Cyworld Update!

We all know that So Min uses her Cyworld quite often to update and communicate 
with her friends as well as her fans. And speaking of friends,
 remember Li So Bin? The friend of So Min who went to Japan with her for 
her O'live Travel Japan advanture, she also have a Cyworld and 
she did also uploaded pictures of hers and So Min from that Japan visit!

Below are the pictures Minnies!

It's really great to see that So Min do have great relationship with her friend/s! 
It's make me love her more because it seems to me that she value her friends
 so much because based on her old school pictures Li So Bin have been her friend 
way back even before her debut as an actress. 
I do hope that she will maintain her good relationship with her friends
 and nurture more friendship in the future!

credits: li so bin's cyworld


Playful Kiss Premium Talk & Live in Osaka on May 3!

OMG!!! This is one of the best new I have heard these past few weeks!!!!
I think this is the answer to all the prayers of PKissers, Hyunnies, Minnies 
and HyunMins combined!
I did my happy dance when I have heard about this news!

Below is the official news!

Playful Kiss Premium Talk & Live in Osaka
《East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Event》
This is a East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Event and parts of the 
proceeds will be donated

Credit: Playful Kiss Japan Site
Japanese ~ English Translation by miyo @

「イタズラなKiss~Playful Kiss」プレミアムトーク&ライブin OSAKA 決定。 5月3日(火・祝) 全席指定 ¥9,800(税込)グランキューブ大阪出演者:キム・ヒョンジュン、チョン・ソミン(2時間公演)【夜公演】開場17:30/開演18:30(予定)

:イタkissのイベントの【昼公演】開場13:00/開演14:00(予定) 【夜公演】開場17:30/開演18:30(予定) 。先ほど、抜けていました。

Cast Appearance: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min
Date: 3rd May 2011
Afternoon Session: 14:00 starts
Evening Session: 18:30 starts 
※ Around 2 hours for each session
Venue: Grand Cube Osaka
Ticket Price: 9,800yen tax inclusive 

KHJ Mobile Site members will be able to apply for the tix first. 
Those who are not will only be able to apply for the tix on a later date via PIA.

Note: They do not accept any flowers sent to the venue. All will be rejected. 
There  will be a box at the venue for fan letters and presents. Please refrain  from giving presents which is not allowed to be brought overseas.

ps: Have just translated the main information of the event only.

I'm just smiling like a loony, just thinking that HyunMin would be together 
again in one location! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I'm so excited!!! I just hope and pray that this event would really push thru 
and hopefully everything will happen accordingly! 
PKissers, Hyunnies, Minnies and HyunMins please continue to pray that 
this event would blast for everybody!
Aja! Figthing Playful Kiss!

credit: ss501 of soompi