Friday, September 2, 2011

Jung So Min Welcome To My Room

It has been a very looooong time since I posted here, thanks, jean for keeping this alive!

I know this is quite old but just the same, I want to share this to all Minnies.
I just love So Min in her most natural self
Seeing her like this makes me feel closer to her....that she could be my friend or my sister...LOL!

credits: iamonlyhuman12345 ; lovesomin

Reminiscing Playful Kiss!

Until now as I look at the calender I can't believe that its already 1 year since Playful Kiss hit the small screen. Time really flies when  you are having fun, right? Actually I have been meaning to post this yesterday, the exact date that Playful Kiss was aired but I was kinda hesitant to finish the whole post, why? You may ask, because I predict that tissue will be used up as memories are being revisited. So, I ditched blogging yesterday and just celebrated Playful Kiss anniversary with my K-Bench family!

But I guess if the memories the worth walking down the memory lane,
 its all worth the tissue and the time!

I suddenly remember how excited I am when dramabeans posted that Itazura na Kiss will have its Korean version, wondering who would play its lead. When they announced that it would be Kim Hyun Joong who would play the male lead, I danced with glee as I love him as Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. And the wait for his leading lady was on. Its really a long wait but the long wait got paid off as they announced that it would be the talented newbie Jung So Min whom I liked since Bad Guy!

And the drama hit the small screen! And its really love at first sight for this drama! Aside from me being such a bias for its leads, I love how they presented Playful Kiss, its has this touch  of certain reality that people can really relate too. Who among us, didn't have a first love? Or who didn't question what life would be when high school has ended? Its one of the few things Playful Kiss touched upon that I really loved! Ratings be damned because for me this little drama was more than just numbers!

This "little" drama has really changed my life. It breathed a new air that I never expected. It made me do things I never thought I could do. It made me explore borders/things that
 I never crossed before! But its all worth it! It brought me not only Kim Hyun Joong 
and Jung So Min but it also gave me a new family not just friends but family
that is my K-Bench family! 

Playful Kiss made my love for Kim Hyun Joong to the highest level! If there is such thing as level! It made me realize that this guy truly deserves all the success, recognition and love because he works so freaking hard for it! And I can't help but salute this guy!
 His love for his craft and fans are truly above all! 

And as per Jung So Min, Playful Kiss made my initial likeness for her into a full grown love! Thats why this blog was created in the first place! We just can't help but love her as we continue to get to know her. She's really one exceptional lady that we all should watch out for!

As for my K-Bench family? They are the biggest gift Playful Kiss has given to me, without Playful Kiss I would not meet these wonderful people! I gained a halmoni, set of eonnies, and dongsaengs! The wonderful people who cheers for your strengths, embraces your weaknesses, makes you smile, help you to correct your wrongs and stay by your side through and through. I could not ask for more because almost a year with them is such a happy and wonderful experience. And we are not stopping, no actually we are just getting started!

I know even though we continually wish for any part 3 of Playful Kiss, we know that its not gonna happen real soon, because both of our leads are having projects of their own. But still dreaming and wishing are for free right? I still do wish about it!

Speaking of wishes, here are my wishes for our lovely OTP!

To Kim Hyun Joong, first thank you for being the best version of Itazura na Kiss male lead!
 I know you really work hard for it and it showed! I will pray always for your success in everything that you do. I promise to support you in every way that I could.
 Also, I know you are extremely busy but please take care of your self and take your much deserve rest and comeback more awesome than ever!
 I will always wish for your success, happiness and love that you truly deserve! 
Saranghae Kim Hyun Joong!

To Jung So Min, what can I say to you MinMin? Well even though the word thank you is not enough but I will use it for now until I find the right words. Thank you MinMin!
 Thank you for being simply the best! Every time  that I watched you 
I can't help but really be amaze that person like you do exist! 
A beautiful girl who's talented, with brain and class and so much more! 
Now you can't really blame us for really loving you!
I will continue to wish for your success, happiness and love. 
And please be back soon, ok? We terribly miss you! Love you MinMin!

Also, a big Thank you to all the PKissers, Minnies, Hyunnies who made my Playful Kiss experience all worth while! You guys are truly amazing! 

And to Playful Kiss, Thank you! Thank You! That's all I can say! 
Saranghae Playful Kiss!

with lots of love,