Thursday, June 23, 2011

Messages for Love: Playful Kiss First Anniversary PROJECT

Pkissers, Minnies and Minjoong shippers, go and make a message now and show your support!

It’s and Team here. Hope you all are doing well!

Well, I bet none of you can forget, this September is the official 1st year anniversary of Playful Kiss. Wow, time flies so fast right? Whether being considered a success or failure, Playful Kiss is definitely one of the most important and unforgettable milestones in both Hyun Joong’s and So Min’s careers. 

And to us- fans, Playful Kiss brought us tears, laughter, happiness and even … sadness. You could not sleep just because of worry about the success of Playful kiss. You could not sleep because of the hurtful words towards our dearest Hyun Joong and So Min. However… we could smile and hold our heads up because we know they did try their best and enjoy every single moment with the drama. And finally… tears running down our face, yes… tears of happiness because of the recognition that Playful kiss has received throughout Asia, especially Youtube Special Edition.

In order to prepare for our special day, an decided to start up a project of making a Message book as a memorable gift to Hyun Joong and Somin. Wanna send your loved message to Hyun Joong or Somin? Join us! We hope the message book will be a loving diary where fans can share their love, feeling and support to Playful kiss as well as Hyun Joong and So Min.

What are you waiting for?Join us and start sending your message. 

- Onlyhyunjoong + receive all message from our member as well as non-members. We greatly appreciate and welcome the messages from international fan community. Please send your message to or

- Deadline for sending message is 23:59 Monday 25th July 2011.
- Maximum length for each message is 300 characters (not words!) and can be written in English or Hangul. Please remember to specify your name and nationality in the message.

After receiving your message, we will start designing the book. The message book is planned to send to Hyun Joong and So Min before 1st September 2011, exactly one year after the 1st episode aired.

Because of the high printing cost, we hope to receive financial support from you. This is the first time and decide to ask for financial contribution from fans. We appreciate and greatly respect any contribution from you. But don’t feel pressure, ok? Sending message does not mean to contribute money. Please remember that the contribution depends on each individual’s ability and we feel precious with the support of you. There is no financial pressure here.

We can only accept donate via Paypal:

That’s all for our notice! We’re looking forward to your messages.

Thank you! and Team

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Jung So Min MV - Because of you!

The teaser for So Min's SK II CF was already and now waiting for the whole CF,
 so while waiting for that we do have MV for now!

This MV was made by megaparura7!
Enjoy it Minnies!

I'm liking the idea that everyday more and more have come to like and love So Min!
Because this girl deserves to be admired and loved! 
Being the brave, smart, graceful, sweet, down to earth, talented simple girl that she is!
And I do hope she will always be her usual wonderful self!
We miss you So Min!

credit: megaparura7 of youtube