Friday, January 28, 2011

So Min's Possible Leading Men?

 "Blessed those who wait because they will inherit the earth"(anomymous)

 So basically as we just have to wait the new projects of MinMin 
because I know for sure its gonna good.
 While we wait I've been reading in some threads and sites regarding having thinking/speculating  what would be her next project and if its a drama 
who would be her possible leading man?

Wondering MinMin if who will be your next co-star?

So, I did take note of the possible actors that can be partnered to our dearest MinMin.
In no particular order.

1. LEE MIN HO - He did a great job in playing the charcter of Gu Jun Pyo in the hit drama Boys Over Flowers. He did captured the hearts of so many k-dramas watchers! And he have this charismatic pull and it doesn't hurt either that Lee Min Ho have good looks! I think he and So Min can be great in a drama because both of them can really pulled off great expressions and sudden great change of emotions. 

Lee Min Ho
This was from Personal Taste!

2. LEE SEUNG-GI - Considered as one of the versatile actors in Korea because he can host, sing, dance and act. He's been wonderful in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Lee got some good comedic timing and still can easily nail emotional scenes. I think if So Min and Seung-gi would do a drama the best genre would be a rom-com because together they might create a one funny couple because as we seen in Playful Kiss So Min can be funny in some instances.

Lee Seung-gi
This was from MGIAG!

3. KIM SOO HYUN- First and foremost, based on the old post that we did, Kim Soo Hyun and So Min did a short film "Worst Friend" when they were younger and not yet in the limelight of the entertainment scene. So my curiosity was piqued but unfortunately until now the complete video of that movie can't still be found. Soo Hyun and So Min both possess the acting chops that for sure will make our k-drama watching all worthwhile!

Kim Soo Hyun
This is from Dream High!

4. YOO AH IN - Yoo Ah In played Moon Jae Shin in SKK Scandal with so much depth and love how it was portrayed as a silent knight in shining armor for the female lead. I would love to see So Min play a saguek in her future projects and Ah In seem to fit the bill because he already have a good experience doing those kind of genre. And besides Ah In looks so good in saguek drama clothing and So Min looks so beautiful in hanbok, who knows maybe they can create beautiful saguek couple.

Yoo Ah In
This was from SKK Scandal!

5. CHOI SIWON - Choi Siwon did get my seal of approval as an actor care off his K-drama Oh my Lady!. He did well in carrying the drama and showed a lot of potential. Even though Siwon was already in the entertainment scene for quite a while now he's still considered as a newbie being an actor (as per being a lead is concern) so like So Min whose still learning the ropes in doing dramas which I feel is good because as a newbie both actors will surely bring something new and fresh to the drama. 

Choi Siwon
This was from Oh My Lady!

So that was my list, some of you might agree and some may not. I made the list just 
to see on how So Min can fare working with other leading men.
And just to make it clear that I'm a HyunMin, 
so I would love to see my adorable couple back to each other's arms, 
I just did not include him because we already know how
 the two of them are just awesome being together! 

Hopefully MinMin will have a project soon that we can all look forward to!
Your Minnies misses you MinMin!

credit: screencaps from dramabeans

Playful Kiss MV -Thank You by Kim Hyun Joong

I'm in the mood for good songs and delightful Playful Kiss memories that's
 why when I did saw this fanvid, one big smile immediately come out from me
 because this fanvid almost include all of my favorite Seung Jo and Hani moments! 
And the added bonus would be that the song used for the MV was by Kim Hyun Joong!

So, thank you to minamitak48 for the great fanvid!

Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani, all the PKissers misses you so much 
so please make a comeback!!!
Pretty please!!!

credit:minamitak48 of youtube

HyunMin GIF's Part 3!

As we wait for our HyunMin to be reunited in the public eyes thru the Playful Kiss Japan promotion, we must at least for the moment content ourselves in the beautiful memories they left us through Playful Kiss and its BTS.

And also snowflakesj16 from soompi did share GIF's that will surely make any HyunMin heart to spazz.

So without further ado, below are the said GIF's!
Note: If the GIF doesn't seem to move, just click the GIF to see it much better.

This was the other version of the wedding kiss!
Just look closely to see the difference!

They did end Playful Kiss with a kiss!
But part of me did wish that the camera did move a bit closer to them!

The Playful Kiss Japan promo is still a month and half away but can't really help to be excited!
So, again to all Minnies, HyunMins, Hyunnies and PKissers in Japan 
please show your support to Playful Kiss!

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi