Friday, January 28, 2011

So Min's Possible Leading Men?

 "Blessed those who wait because they will inherit the earth"(anomymous)

 So basically as we just have to wait the new projects of MinMin 
because I know for sure its gonna good.
 While we wait I've been reading in some threads and sites regarding having thinking/speculating  what would be her next project and if its a drama 
who would be her possible leading man?

Wondering MinMin if who will be your next co-star?

So, I did take note of the possible actors that can be partnered to our dearest MinMin.
In no particular order.

1. LEE MIN HO - He did a great job in playing the charcter of Gu Jun Pyo in the hit drama Boys Over Flowers. He did captured the hearts of so many k-dramas watchers! And he have this charismatic pull and it doesn't hurt either that Lee Min Ho have good looks! I think he and So Min can be great in a drama because both of them can really pulled off great expressions and sudden great change of emotions. 

Lee Min Ho
This was from Personal Taste!

2. LEE SEUNG-GI - Considered as one of the versatile actors in Korea because he can host, sing, dance and act. He's been wonderful in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Lee got some good comedic timing and still can easily nail emotional scenes. I think if So Min and Seung-gi would do a drama the best genre would be a rom-com because together they might create a one funny couple because as we seen in Playful Kiss So Min can be funny in some instances.

Lee Seung-gi
This was from MGIAG!

3. KIM SOO HYUN- First and foremost, based on the old post that we did, Kim Soo Hyun and So Min did a short film "Worst Friend" when they were younger and not yet in the limelight of the entertainment scene. So my curiosity was piqued but unfortunately until now the complete video of that movie can't still be found. Soo Hyun and So Min both possess the acting chops that for sure will make our k-drama watching all worthwhile!

Kim Soo Hyun
This is from Dream High!

4. YOO AH IN - Yoo Ah In played Moon Jae Shin in SKK Scandal with so much depth and love how it was portrayed as a silent knight in shining armor for the female lead. I would love to see So Min play a saguek in her future projects and Ah In seem to fit the bill because he already have a good experience doing those kind of genre. And besides Ah In looks so good in saguek drama clothing and So Min looks so beautiful in hanbok, who knows maybe they can create beautiful saguek couple.

Yoo Ah In
This was from SKK Scandal!

5. CHOI SIWON - Choi Siwon did get my seal of approval as an actor care off his K-drama Oh my Lady!. He did well in carrying the drama and showed a lot of potential. Even though Siwon was already in the entertainment scene for quite a while now he's still considered as a newbie being an actor (as per being a lead is concern) so like So Min whose still learning the ropes in doing dramas which I feel is good because as a newbie both actors will surely bring something new and fresh to the drama. 

Choi Siwon
This was from Oh My Lady!

So that was my list, some of you might agree and some may not. I made the list just 
to see on how So Min can fare working with other leading men.
And just to make it clear that I'm a HyunMin, 
so I would love to see my adorable couple back to each other's arms, 
I just did not include him because we already know how
 the two of them are just awesome being together! 

Hopefully MinMin will have a project soon that we can all look forward to!
Your Minnies misses you MinMin!

credit: screencaps from dramabeans


  1. Yaks! I like none of them with SM. Aren't there better actors? I'm sure there are but not these few. Still nobody beats KHJ, he's the best match for SM, tell me who's better or even his equal? Hmmm...What about Jae Joong of JYJ? He'd make a probable good rival and get KHJ really jealous...kekek...

  2. Hey, JJ is HJ's best friend.
    Wow! If that happens, that is SM and JJ working in a new drama as lovers, boy I'm sure that will REALLY get HJ all work up.
    Imagine JJ can't stop talking about SM in front of HJ or call him about her, HJ will immediately take action! LOL!! That will be PK in real life. Quick give her that rainy nite kiss!

  3. Sorry Jean but i want KHJ only for my princess hehe..Yeah, no one can beat him. Don't want her to be paired to other guy so pleaseeeeeee back-off!

  4. guys, as i said in the post you might agree with me or not, but just to point out that we all know that in the kdramaland they dont usually repeat team-ups, its very rare occassion in kdramaland if that happens. so i just think of different actors that I feel can make a good co-star for minmin.

    and i also stated that being a hyunmin its already given that i wanted hyun joong to be the partner of our dearest minmin. and besides if they can't be paired in a project, as long as in real life they are paired then i'm much ok with that! ^_^

  5. but Jean, these few that you suggested aren't good at all. Not matching in anyway. We need someone cute for sure.

  6. My 1st suggestion would be Kim Jae Wook if the drama is on the serious side cuz he's all ready for a leading man role, esp after Bad Guy & M3...

    Then there's Song Joong Ki, who's quite ideal in a rom-com & also leading man status?

    Or there's Jang Geun Seuk..a seasoned veteran actor & box-office draw?
    Ms D

  7. ukey,...ukey..i'll try to b calm,hehehe... I think YOON SHI YOON is fit for her,both are expressive... How's gals??

  8. @anon 3:30pm, do you have anyone particular in mind? well except for KHJ coz we know he's already given and runaway choice. if you have someone in mind maybe you can share it to us so we can see if its a good one then I might add it into the list that i made.

    @Ms D, KJW is good but I still have the memories of him playing older to MinMin in Bad guy so to be honest im not yet ready to see them "lovers" yet in a drama. For Song Joong-Ki, it might work coz he does have the flair for rom-com dramas. And as per JGS, as of the moment I feel that the HyunMins and the MGY-JGS fans might go berserk if that pairing comes to life at this early(hehehehe!)but nevertheless it would be interesting to see them work together in the future. ^_^

  9. J, you know I always like LMH and I am really looking forward for Minmin to be working with him, they both have expressive eyes and they can act well! B

  10. MinMin can act with other leading men but NO KISSING please!
    No bed scenes too! :)

  11. I think there is not a better partner to minmin except KHJ ... but we must think real, it is difficult for us to still see KHJ and minmin act together again on a different drama ... but it might just happen ... although very small happens ... but I still hope for it ... and I always hope there will be PK season 2 .... my heart maybe feel sick when I see KHJ or minmin play with another actor or actress... but I can not do nothing to it ... yes hope in the new drama each of them there is not much kissing, romantic and noting bed scene ... really hope KHJ and minmin will be a couple in real life and always happy together. ... and hope that no other parties who limit their relationship... love hyunmin forever…

  12. I want khj for jsm's lifetime partner in reel or real hehe. KHJ is the best for her! no more no less. That's final answer haha

  13. Jean,on a totally different note... I don't think you have featured this JSM article fr DB yet...
    Ms D

  14. i want JSM to pair up with
    1. Song Joong Ki
    2. Yunho (DBSK)
    3. Jang Geun Seok
    4. Lee Hong Ki

  15. Well, if KHJ already voiced out who he wanted to act with in his future drama, and express that he wants to star as loveR with that actress, then he's gonna get all jealous when it comes to JSM and her other actor..LOL..come on Minmin, make ur man jealous..hehehe..j/k..

  16. agree,.. Just let HJL be REALLY jealous!!

  17. si won would be interesting, both are chaebol; how it could be? xixixixi

  18. I would like to see her with LMH.

  19. Kim Bum please. I'm actually imagining things. Playing young lawyers from different law suits. And falling in love's like i'm making a fanfic

  20. and I'm also thinking of Kim Soo-hyun. They have such a great chemistry

  21. i really love kim hyun joong for so min i think they are reeally compatible

  22. i think it would be better if Lee Min Ho

  23. @10:09
    agree mino love small,cute and white skin girl as his ideal gf, similar to MM not like hj that love a model look hyori as his ideal. MM have similar face too with mino

  24. .....i like lee min ho for the next leading men of jung so min...i think its perfect to each other...lee min ho and jung so min is so cute...:)

  25. Lee Min Ho for Jung So Min!!! that would be great:) they have a strong chemistry...just let KHJ jealous, make him realize that JSM is the right girl for him, not that Lee Hyori!

  26. I'd like to see her with Siwon. He is a new actor, but from what I know about SUJU, Siwon is kind and charming and reputedly the greatest-looking guy in SUJU, although I beg to differ as almost everyone in SUJU is so very, very good looking.

    anyways, out of all the others, i'd like to see JSM with Siwon...who knows, maybe it'll really be a test for KHJ-JSM to see whether there's really anything in that relationship at all?

  27. i want JSM to pair up/work with Kim Joon from Boys over Flowers and Jung yong Hwa from you're Beautiful/Heartstrings

  28. JUNG ILL WOO.. a drama about a cute bratty girl and a bad boy

  29. ...Minmin holding on to Jung Ill Woo's back tightly while he drives his motorcycle really fast.. and while they were chased by a lot of bad guys...

  30. i want her to be paired up with Kim Hyun Joong again. hahaha. i really miss them. i miss playful kiss too :( hope there's part 3.

  31. i want Minmin to be pair-up with this hot guys:
    1.Lee Min Ho

  32. I want her to be paired with Kim kyu joong.

  33. i want Lee Min Ho to be paired wd So Min......i think they wud have a gud Chemistry.....oush.......rily...i min it........cute....