Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jung So Min MV: Suddenly & Real Girl!

Well,  we still don't have any big news about MinMin's new drama so for now lets busy ourselves in watching fanvids from others Minnies who misses MinMin as well!

Below are the fanvids!

I have been reading so many speculations (you guys know what I'm talking about!)
 about MinMin's drama comeback and to be honest if that speculations 
will became a reality then it would be a blast! 
A good director, a good co-actors and a possible good story, 
just what MinMin needs to be able to spread her wings a little more as an actress! 
But for now as MinMin haven't announce anything yet, let's all be patient Minnies! ^_^

credits: caritodrew and abbiegaile29 of youtube

Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting in Tokyo Pics Part5!

I know pictures from the recently concluded Playful Kiss Tokyo Fan Meeting 
wasn't enough to suffice our hunger for our HyunMin 
But luckily we still few mores pictures from them!

Below are the few pics!

Well, until now I still wish for the videos of MinMin singing will surface! 
Or much better of PK would produce fan meeting DVD 
so for those who didn't have a chance to watch can still watch it!
 Good idea right? Please! Hope for the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting DVD! ^_^

credits: snowflakesj16 and opiod0101 of soompi
k plaza