Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Min Updates Her Cyworld With Playful Kiss Background!

Ok!!!! My initial reaction??!?!!!!!!

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY ME! Love you minmin!

Credit: So Min's Cyworld!

s3nK7.png (931×535)

Another Batch of PK Making DVD Screencaps!

And the fun doesn't stop! We still got some Playful Kiss goodies! 
And this time it came from chanel05 of soompi! 
Few screencaps are on the way!

Below are the screencaps guys!

Even though the director is just showing to Hyun Joong how to pinch MinMin in the cheek
 it seems like he like to pinch MinMin too!

Now its Hyun Joong's turn!

Look at that adorable face, I would like to pinch her cheeks too! LOL!

Maybe they are discussing if his pinch does hurt?

I love how it seems like they are listening to MinMin intently!
 Even Hyun Joong was listening!

I look at you...

You look at me! 

Still looking so pretty even in fainting scene!

They look like they came from a fairy tale!

MinMin's pose looks so graceful as Hyun Joong looks on!

Getting ready to toss her in the air Hyun Joong-ah?

The smile on my face seems like it wont come off anytime soon! 
Seeing pictures and clips from the Playful Kiss Making DVD makes me realize 
that everything that we saw in the drama, its all product of all the hardwork 
of the people involve in the series especially its leads Hyun Joong and So Min!
 It makes me love Playful Kiss more! Love you Playful Kiss, 
to me you will always have a very special spot in my heart!

credit: chanel05 of soompi