Sunday, May 15, 2011

The HyunMin Moments BTS Style!

Remember the short Playful Kiss BTS that I posted before?
 Well our dear friend squishiee did something about it! 
And got to say its daebak as usual!

Below is the post off squishiee from her tumblr!

how minjoong express their love…
he makes his baby brother send her flying hearts…

pretends that won hong is minmin and squishes him like a bear
seriously look at hyun joong’s *i’m gonna lub chu forever aka pedo*  face 
and won hong’s disapproval face…

she shoots him a heart~

and he catches it willingly!

she throws another one for him to catch..

he throws it back…and she blows the hearts into the sky?

then they pretend nothing happened

i feel sorry for won hong, having to witness his hyung 
and noona being all lovey dovey~ and flirting kakakakaakkaka


So cute right?! 
Oh squishiee you are know how to make the shippers go giddy!
Now, got me asking for more! LOL!

MinMin's Cyworld Background 15May!

After the shower of pictures of MinMin in her Cyworld from the past days, 
she does keep it low for the moment but she did changed her Cyworld background today!

Below is the screencap for the Cyworld Background!

Seeing her hanbok inspired background makes me think of her pictures wearing hanbok!
Wanted to see MinMin in hanbok again, hopefully in a drama perhaps in the near future?
Well, as always! Here's to hoping! ^_^

credits: snowflakej16 of soompi for the screencap
jungsomin's cyworld


Playful Kiss Japan Presscon in K-Plaza!

And the pictures still pouring in!
 Even weeks have past since the Playful Kiss Japan Presscon but the pictures 
and articles from that said event are still coming out. 
This time is from!

Below are the pictures!

And heres the link for the article from!

Well, there you have it! 
But mostly I wanted to see the other pictures besides the Presscon proper!
I suddenly wish presscons also have BTS! ^_^ 

credits: opiod0101 of soompi


Jung So Min Photos from Play Magazine!

Pretty minmin!!!! 

Credit: as tagged; HYUNMIN BAIDU