Monday, August 29, 2011

Jung So Min's Bad Guy on NHK Japan!

Since we are still waiting for the return of the ever lovely MinMin
Got news that MinMin's first drama, the Bad Guy will be shown in Japan!

Below is the news!

Glad to know that even though MinMin is quiet these days her other dramas
 being shown in different country makes her more visible!
I do hope that Japanese will continue to support MinMin as Bad Guy will be shown there!
As I always mentioned I love Bad Guy because it gives us MinMin!


Playful Kiss Anniversary Messages!

Dear Minnies, PKissers, HyunMins, Henecians,

As I look at the calender this morning checking what the date today is, saw that we are nearing the end of the month, then something struck me! Its almost September and Playful Kiss would have its 1st year anniversary!!!

WOW!!! Just few days from now and its been a year since Playful Kiss grace the small screen and yet the effect of the drama still lingers to me! And of course because of Playful Kiss I gained my ultimate OTP loves! MinMin and Hyun Joong! Without this drama, I think its safe to say that my love for these adorable wouldn't be these enormous!

And as part of our mini tribute to Playful Kiss, I do hope to send letters to MinMin and Hyun Joong about how we love Playful Kiss!!! So if you do have some messages for MinMin and Hyun Joong, you can leave the message in the comment box or you can email it to! The deadline for sending messages for our lovely PK OTP will be on September 1 because need to sent it to them! Hope for your happy response my dears!

lots of love,