Thursday, March 31, 2011

MinMin's Cyworld Update 31Mar!

Finally!!! We got some updates from the lovely MinMin!
We terribly miss her Cyworld updates!

Below is her Cyworld pic update!


The google translation for this 감기조심하셔요ㅜㅠ  is "be careful cold".
I'm so happy that MinMin did update her Cyworld.
She is so adorable whenever she pouts!
And it seems like she got slimmer!
Hope your doing well!
And please be careful as well!

credit:jung so min's cyworld


So Min's Clinique Pics in Ceci Mag!

[This post has been edited due to new infos]

We all did see how BEAUTIFUL So Min is for her Clinique ads!
And we are all excited for her Vogue magazine spread for Clinique.
But as of the moment we do have her Clinique pics in Ceci Magazines!

So below are the pictures of the Ceci Magazines!

[홍보우먼]크리니크 홍보소식을 전하는 홍보우먼이에요~ 모이스춰써지 핑크프로포즈 촬영현장에서 만난 정소민. 핑크패션센스와 촉촉한 생생피부관리비법 인터뷰까지 3월 31일부터 온스타일 스타일매거진에서 방송됩니다

[홍보우먼]4월호 잡지가 속속 사무실에 도착하는 가운데 쎄씨 사무실 도착. 모이스춰써지 정소민씨 촬영현장을 리포터가 직접 취재한 내용이 이쁘게 기사화되었네요. 생생 핑크프로포즈 리포팅을 잡지에서 확인하세요

I really wanted to have a copy of this magazine!
But I'm bit far from Korea for me to be able to buy it!
*Sigh! But I will try to find a way!
As they say, if there's a will there's a way!

credits: clinique korea
ceci magazine
vanilla 96 of soompi
clinique_kr from twitter


MinMin's Random Pics Part 7!

Since MinMin is back to school and we know that she will be kinda low key
 in long term projects.
As for now we got some random pictures of our resident love, MinMin!

Savor it Minnies!

We wish you all the best for your school MinMin!
Although we miss you, we know that studies are one of your priority!
We are just here to support and wait for you!
We love you MinMin!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi