Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Min Attended the Premiere of Movie Sunny!

Its a happy day! Why? Because So Min did attend the premiere night of 
the movie Sunny today!
And got some awesome pictures from that premiere night!

Below are her wonderful pics!

Aigoo! Why this girl is so beautiful without too much make-up!
And got to say such a flawless skin! Wah!
 I'm dying of envy here! Hehehe!
But her sense of style really varies! 
She can be sweet, girly, formal, lady like and edgy!
For the premiere night she's wearing a bit edgy kind, 
the design of her upper outfit is edgy and cute at the same time! 
Skull with ribbon? How edgy is that! 
And also So Min tends to have the right accessories that fits perfectly to her outfit.
 And her wedge shoes? I love it!
 Just got to say that short is kinda shorter than expected!
But as they say if you have it flaunt it and So Min got great gems to show off ^_^

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi, TV Report, NTN, Sports Korea, Hankyung


So Min Attends Seoul Fashion Week/Suecomma Bonnie P/T Show!

We already know that So Min is such a fashionista in her own right.
So its not really a surprised for us if she do attend Seoul Fashion Week/
Suecomma Bonnie P/T Show! This happened last March 31.

Below are her pics for her attendance.

So Min is beautiful as usual, wearing a bit formal blue dress and head turner shoes
 and orange bag that added a fun girly style to her ensemble!
Glad to see So Min strutting her stuff in Fashion Week! 
You can really see the confidence and graceful of hers!
 I simply love it! ^_^

credits: vanilla96 of soompi