Monday, May 23, 2011

MinMin's Random Pics Part 10!

As we wait for MinMin's future project we tend to search for something that 
anything related to her! So below are few random pictures of MinMin! 

Let's have a look Minnies!

These first two pics are pics from sponsors!

The ever sweet Jung So Min!

So lovely!!!!!

I think I haven't posted this pic so I included this!
 And besides its kinda fun to look back to their old pics to see how far they have become!

I included this picture because its so cute! Papa Baek being in the middle of MinMin and Hyun Joong while watching episode 16 during the PK Korea Fan Meeting! And besides I will always be grateful to Papa Baek for sharing little bits of puzzling infos about the HyunMin! 

Well there you have it! Its fun to look at the pictures! 
Seeing MinMin being lovely as ever! And regarding the PK pics,
 its kinda feel good to see it again! It brings back all lovely PK moments!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi
hyunmin thread at baidu


HQ Pics from Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting!

Pics! Pics! Pics! I know its been weeks since the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting
 but still got some HQ pictures of our dearest MinMin and Hyun Joong from that event! 

Here's the pics guys!

The PKissers are surely still waiting when and where can we finally 
watch the whole fan meeting itself!
*Sigh! I do hope we can get to watch it real soon! Please! Please! 
Playful Kiss Japan please care to share their fan meeting to us!

snowflakesj16 of soompi


Kimhyunjoong and JungSomin - COUPLE SONG

Since we are missing the HyunMin couple so much its Fanvid time once again!
 This time this fanvid was made by Jeanneth! Jeanneth is one of the two writers 
of many HyunMin fanfics! And got to say their fanfics are awesome!

Below is the video HyunMins! Enjoy!

The video is so well done! And the song felt right for the HyunMin couple!
Its fits perfectly for them so I love this fanvid!
 Well anything about HyunMin, I love!

credit: jeanneth or aka st2pidt33nz007 of youtube