Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong!

Dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

Wow! Its your special day! Let me greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I know you will wonder why a blog dedicated to Jung So Min will post a birthday message for you, well to be precise and honest about it would not exist if it wasn't for You and Playful Kiss! You lead me to Kathy's Bench and Kathy's Bench lead me to this! But thats not all, You leading me to Kathy's Bench doesn't only give me informations about you but so much more! You have given me a gift of friendship and family because in Kathy's Bench, I have found fans of yours whom I become friends with and now I consider them as my other family! And for that I will always be grateful to You!

And since its your birthday, I think its just right to greet you and say our wishes for you.

But first let me THANK YOU! Thank you for always sharing your self to us, your fans. For doing the best that you can and working hard to give US the best of your works! For being loving towards your fans, you never let us down! But most of all Thank you for being YOU! For being honest, good looking (aka cute, handsome etc), talented, transparent, 4D, unique, down to earth and all the silly and adorable qualities that you have! But what is really makes me admire you even more is you having such a good and generous heart! You never forget to share and give back to others. By just being yourself we love you more!

And as another year is being added to the life that you have, I do pray that whatever is the desires of your heart, it may be fulfilled. May you have good health as I know you wanted to do more great things in the future but you need to healthy to do that! May the Father Above continue to bless you as you are being a big blessing to others! May you continue to be inspired as you are being our inspiration. And I wish you Happiness both professional and personal life, because Happiness is something that can't be just given and bought its something that comes within you. And as you fan I love to see the happiness in your wonderful eyes!

You truly deserve all the love and success that you have right now. 
And may your STAR shine even brighter in the days to come! 

Now I wish I can give a hug you and say these words to you..."Since today is the day you were born, it is a truly precious day. Thank you for being born.” ***

with lots of love,


***line from you're beautiful
**GIF by jeanneth