Friday, January 14, 2011

BSJ Diary Taiwan Version

Well, as our dearst MinMin continues to have quiet days and we still continue to miss her, someone posted scan pictures from the BSJ Diary Taiwan Version which some of it were not yet seen.

So let's check the pictures out!

Baek Seung Jo, where are you? Are you wit Oh Hani?
Will never get tired to look at your wonderful pictures Hyun Min!
We missing our favorite couple! Hope to hear from you soon!
We hope we can see the HyunMin together again in a project!

Where are you MinMin? Well, your Minnies miss you so much!
We hope to see you soon!

For more pictures from the BSJ Diary, you can visit this site

credits:, pothekid of soompi.

Playful Kiss BTS Special 2 part 3

I know you are all wondering why I'm posting this Playful Kiss BTS when I know all of you already watched it like dozen of times already.

Well, aside from the fact that this is my favorite BTS of PK, I'm really wondering what they were talking about because they seem to have such a great time. And I may add that because of these PK BTS I did join the HyunMin ship. 

So I hope someone with kind hearts who can understand Korean can help to translate it. : )
Just wishful thinking ; )

Hmm, I'm wondering where would be MinMin is?
Well, I just hope she's doing great!
And i hope as well that she knows her Minnies miss her alot!

Happy re-watching HyunMins!

credit: momopor of youtube