Friday, August 19, 2011

MinMin's Cyworld Background 19Aug!

Our lovely princess got finally hold of her Cyworld as she updated her Cyworld
 with her new background and have a new status as well! 
Her background is Hong Mo Nae from Bad Guy!

Below is the update of our princess!

Posted Image

And her status is 여행을떠나요! (Bon Voyage!)

MinMin's new background is so beautiful! I will always love Bad Guy
 even though its bit a disaster in the end because it did give us MinMin! 
 And must admit MinMin's style in Bad Guy was really to watch out for!
And of course her status always makes us curious! 
Who are you saying Bon Voyage too? Are you travelling?
Where? Here in my country? Hehehehehe! Just Kidding! 

Its just my wishful thinking!
 Or maybe you are saying Bon Voyage to someone else? 
Wonder who would that be? ^_^

credits: jungsomin's cyworld
mijoo-pearl of soompi