Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jung So Min's Stills from SK II CF!

We all saw how beautiful MinMin is in her SK II CF!
But gosh!!! When I saw the stills from the SK II CF!
I can't help but feel so awe with her beauty again!

Below are the stills!


I suddenly wanted a new banner!!!
I wanted to put the new pictures and stills of MinMin from SK II CF to make one!
But I think I need to know how to make one first! Hehehehehe!

MinMin's beauty transcends such a classic beauty but with a very graceful aura
 and with a little hint of sexiness!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi

Jung So Min's Videos from SK II CF Event!

As we wait for our princess to announce her next project,
 the main project from her so far is her SK II endorsement! 
So now we do have 2 videos from the said event!

Below are the videos!

As I mentioned like a hundred times already
 I really love how SK II is treating our princess as its endorser!
They give the best possible exposure to MinMin!

I suddenly saw the calender and Aug. 02 is nearing! 
Looking forward to the Tokyo Fan Meeting!!!

credits: lovesomin of youtube
st2pid33nz007 of youtube