Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playful Kiss Japan DVD Release!

Playful Kiss! Playful Kiss!
Well, the Playful Kiss DVD Japan has been release and we do have some captures from that PK DVD!
It also has "bonus movie", which includes what it seems like first lunch together of the whole caast and crew of Playful Kiss and the other half is the wrap up party as the series has ended.

Below are the pics!
Enjoy it PKissers!

As I always say sounding like a broken record,
 Japan has the most awesome Playful Kiss merchandise their is! 
And I'm dying of envy! Hehehehehe!
Its nice to see the before and after parties of Playful Kiss,
 you got to see the difference of their interactions!
Just bit curious! Remember the little Hyun Joong and So Min pic 
that So Min showed in her Japan adventure last time? 
I think that picture was taken during the initial cast lunch that was shown in
 the "bonus movie".
I hope my gut feel is correct! ^_^

credits: kyra of soompi


So Min Sponsor Pics Again!

Since, we are all excited and can't seem to wait for May 03 to come, 
So while waiting here are some pictures of the ever lovely MinMin to get us through.

Below are the pics Minnies!

This is from Stonehenge for the necklace!

And this is from BOMBYX M. MOORE!

I'm just keeping my sanity intact, as waiting for May 03, seems so long! 
But for the love of MinMin and of course Hyun Joong and Playful Kiss
 I will try to stretch my patience!
So, please, please support the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting!

credits: mijoo-pearl and snowflakesj16 of soompi