Friday, January 21, 2011

Jung So Min in 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards Pictures

And the "young goddess" did descent from Mt. Olympus but now she's disguised herself as a little fairy!
Wonder if she did put magic dust upon herself, 'cause she beautifully glowing!
Such a beautiful little fairy! Love it!

"Little fairy" So Min did attend the 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards so below
are the few pictures of her attendance to receive the Model Special Rookie Award!
MinMin was all smiles while receiving her award!
The Minnies are so proud of you MinMin!!!

MinMin glows so naturally!

So Min wears anothe statement shoes!

Your Minnies are so happy for you!

MinMin looks like so young and pretty! And she does wear another statement shoes!
Congratulations MinMin!
You're such a Daebak!

credits: mijoo-pearl and snowflakesj16 of soompi, tvreport

JSM for Bread & Co.-new!

As we saw in the latest uploaded Selca pictures of MinMin, she did wear hanbok and it got us wondering for what project is that. Well, its still for Bread & Co. ads.

Got to say the are so cute!
With matching bunny!

Hope to see more of these ads in the future!

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi

HyunMin GIF's!

As we wait for the "young goddess" to descent from Mount Olympus to attend the 2011 Asia Model Festival.
I'm really curious to see if she will be a young goddess again or will she be like a princess, 
or an icon perhaps?
Well, we just need to wait and see to find out!

For the moment let us enjoy some HyunMin's cute and sweet scenes and interactions
 as Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani thru their cute GIF's!

MinMin is so cute!!!

Posted Image
Love this because it was part of my favorite PK BTS!

Its snuggle!!! I could just watch these two being like this forever!

Awww! MinMin is so sweet coz she's fixing Hyun Joong's hair!

I would have the same smile on my face if
I woke being next to the one I love like them!

Posted Image
Been wondering what they were whispering about? Care to share HyunMin? Hehehehehe!

Posted Image
The last Kiss of the Playful Kiss couple!

Watching these GIF's makes me ask for more of them!!!
Still missing them alot!!!
Hope to see you together again HyunMin!

And by the way, I did post about the changes in MinMin Cyworld,
well she did updated again and the good news is MinMin 
change the "lonely" to "tingle" with matching beating heart!
 I'm wondering what does she mean by "tingle", but I'm sure of one thing, the Minnies are happy because MinMin is not lonely anymore! And that's what matters!

credits: vanilla96, snowflakesj16, opiod0101 of soompi, kimdada @ popcornfor2

Jung So Min at 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards

thanks to and

According to Bloom Entertainment website, our MinMin will be attending the 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards tonight, Jan 21, 2011,  which will be held at JW Mariott Hotel in Seoul.

The Asia Model Festival Awards or AMFA was started by the Korean Models Association in 2006 to promote the cause of "protecting model rights and cultivation of modeling talent".
It is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea and participated by models from different Asian countries, namely, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Thailand.

This year, AMFA's mission is "to establish the role of models and promote harmony and exchange between Asian models". Public activites will include fundraising for poor children and children with leukemia, as well as gathering donations for UNICEF.

We're really happy that our MinMin was invited to this prestigious international event. It only shows that despite being a newbie, MinMin is already making a name for herself. 

Cheers MinMin!! and we hope that you continue improving yourself not just in acting, dancing, or singing, but also in fashion!

Believe me, we always anticipate your clothes and shoes...LOL! We love your style, girl!
Keep it up!!

Hmmm.... I wonder.... what look are you going to pull off tonight, MM?? and do you have a date? LOL!!