Monday, February 21, 2011

So Min Cried in PK FM?

The intensive promotion of Playful Kiss to Japan made me miss the drama more
 and because of that I'm currently re-watching PK again 
 and all other related videos.

As opiod0101 of soompi pointed out and shared the video of KHJ Fan Meeting
it seems like MinMin did cry when Kim Hyun Joong was singing the Thank you song.
As seen in the video, MinMin was seen "wiping tears" as she watched Hyun Joong sing. 

Below are the screencaps that the ever reliable snowflakesj16 of soompi 
did from the said video.



 Well maybe our dearest MinMin felt sad during that time because its really
 the end of the Playful Kiss drama.
 And besides its her first lead role so I feel Playful Kiss 
will always a soft spot in her heart!

credits: opiod0101 for the links and tip!
            snowflakesj16 for the screencaps!