Monday, April 18, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Background Apr 18!

After the great wave of Playful Kiss BTS, the lovely MinMin did 
change her Cyworld Background!
We do say bye bye to the Playful Kiss theme background but we do 
welcome back the little girl kissing the cat background!
 And still with the dancing bunnies!

Below is the screencap!

I think MinMin really love to use the backgrounds that her friends are giving to her!
But of course I'm bias I love her to use more of the Playful Kiss background! Hehehehe!
Anyways, as long as she's updating her Cyworld, I'm a happy Minnie!

credits: snowflakej16 of soompi-screencap
jungsomin's cyworld

Playful Kiss BTS- New Batch!

I know most of us are just waiting for May 03 to come for the re-scheduled 
Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan.
To give us something to be busy with as we wait, we do have the videos of the 
Playful Kiss BTS that comes from the Playful Kiss Japan DVD Box 2.

Below are the link and videos PKissers!

I really hope and pray that the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting will be very successful 
because aside from the fact that we would see our lovely Playful Kiss couple, 
the proceeds of the fan meeting will go to charities.
So PKissers please show your support! 
Can't wait for May 03!

credits: areled of youtube
fire88bird of hyunmin thread in baidu