Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playful Kiss MV!

As a nod to the upcoming Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo
We do have now a fanvid from our favorite K-drama OTP!

Enjoy the fanvid PKissers!

As I mentioned I'm so happy that the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo 
will push thruand both of them will be there!
I hope this time videos of MinMin will be seen more and 
I do hope she will dance in the fan meeting so wecan see again her dancing prowess!

Added pic! 

I know its no Playful Kiss related but MinMin got picture from her SK II endorsement!

Isn't she lovely? ^_^

credits: megapararua7 of youtube
mijoo-pearl of soompi

Jung So Min for Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo!

And its confirm ladies and gentlemen!
Yahoo!!!! MinMin is gonna be at the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo!
Jung So Min's Raffine made the announcement!

You know this news really brings a huge smile on my face!
The time that we miss MinMin will surely end as we will see more of her on Aug 02!
MinMin will be in Japan from Aug. 01-03! 
Surely the Japanese fans are so lucky!

I'm so freaking excited!!!

credits: Jung So Min Raffine
mijoo-pearl of soompi