Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Update Apr 10!

Our dearest MinMin did update her Cyworld!
And guess who's she is with?
Its none other than Kim Jae Wook!
Based on her message, it seems like Kim Jae Wook did visit MinMin! 

Below is her update!

태성오빠공연을 보고왔다. 
개인적으로 대기실에서 내려다보는 무대와 대기실에서 듣는 영화같은 사운드와 그 분위기가 넘넘 좋았다...오빠말고 다른팀들^^막이래ㅋㅋㅋ이러다 또맞을라고ㅜㅜ
여튼..월러스 짱짱 파이팅!!!

I really hope that I can read Korean so I could know exactly what is the message of MinMin!
But based on google translate you can see that MinMin is such a sweetheart!
She still calls Kim Jae Wook as Tae Sung Oppa which was the character name of KJW
 in their drama Bad Guy! We also know that she keep in touch with her
 other Bad Guy co-stars like Kim Nam Gil and attend Oh Yeon Soo. 
I just hope that even with her Playful Kiss co-stars she do keep in touch with them!
Especially with the Baek family!

credit: jungsomin's cyworld
mijoo-pearl of soompi


Play Kiss Making Part 4-Complete!

Hey PKissers! Now we got the complete The Making of Playful Kiss Part 4!
Thanks Happeeh for the tip!
The Making Part 4 covers from episode 11 to episode 13!

Let's go and watch it PKissers!

I think I'm like a broken record, I'm repeating myself over and over again 
about the Playful Kiss BTS, how I wanted Group 8 to release it as its own DVD!
I do hope that somehow they would listen to the PKissers!

credit: sraki2 of youtube