Saturday, June 11, 2011

Additional Playful Kiss BTS!

And we do have some BTS from our ever love Playful Kiss!
The sight of them together is always like a ray of sunshine! 
You can't help but smile!

And thanks anon for the links! 

Below is the videos!

And here's a link of a video from the station-who-must-not-be-named, 
this video came from the Playful Kiss Osaka fan meet.

Its been almost half a year when Playful Kiss has graced our little screen 
but the magic and the happy feeling it gives never changes! 
Playful Kiss may not be the great in ratings in Korea 
but surely it has a big spot in our hearts!

credits: snowflakesj16 of youtube

So Min's Manager Leaves A Message for Raffines

Minmin's manager left a message for her fans!

For those who are not aware, RAFFINES is the name of her fandom.

Please give credit for JSM RAFFINE + JUNGSOMIN.COM if take it out

Hello Raffine
It's a long time no see u all here. For those who always support So Min. Jangki is ended 6 months. Thank you for Raffine support.

"Good Luck" Update on Jung So Min's Cyworld!

Minmin updated her cyworld again, this time, the same background, but, with a message, "GOOD LUCK". For whom it might be Minmin? Maybe for a person who is having a comeback stage this week? Hmmm....?

Credit: Minmin's cyworld
Newyorkcitygirl for the screencap