Monday, April 4, 2011

Play Kiss Making Part 5 GIF'S!

Its Playful Kiss day!
Its raining Playful Kiss once again!
And I love everything about it!

So below are the GIF's from the BTS part 5 done of course by the ever wonderful squishiee!
I particularly love this scene and you all know why! ^_^

minmin tries to give hyun joong a painful massage...

start off lightly

the aim is to apply as much pressure as possible

and inflict as much pain

*using small force*

but hyun joong is just pokerface, continuing his interview...FAIL xD
minmin giggling from the side

and somehow manages to get back into the conversion xD

I feel that is more to come with regards to GIF's for this particular BTS
So I'm smiling like a loony just thinking about it! 
And thanks again squishiee!

kathy's bench


Play Kiss Making Part 5 Complete Videos!


Sorry my dear Minnies, I'm so freaking late about the latest updates for our
 dearest MinMin and as well HyunMins due to it took me
 almost 24 hours of waiting and travelling via plane just to be home last night,
 thankfully I got home safely!

Well, enough about me, let's get back to blogging and let the ball rolling for the one big giddiness overload of BTS videos of the ever love Playful Kiss!

Below are the complete The Making Part 5!
Enjoy it HyunMins!

Is it too much to demand a complete BTS of Playful Kiss?
I've been posting or ranting about having the complete BTS to be release in a DVD form
Hopefully the makers of Playful Kiss would be listening to the call of the PKissers!

credits: kathy's bench
           paramu7 of youtube


Aigoo!! Now this BTS drove me over the top!!! What you see is what you get??

HyunMin shippers...enjoy!!! This is especially for you :)